Kerry dominates Europe


The EU Council of Foreign Ministers finished meeting in Brussels. The meeting was also participated in by US Secretary of State John Kerry. A key issue on the agenda was the situation in Turkey. The ministers also discussed the fight against terrorism after the terrorist attack in Nice.

Cooperation with China and the implementation of the global strategy for EU foreign and security policy wre also on the agenda. Also, it is obvious that the UK’s exit from the EU wase discussed. After the Council meeting, John Kerry moved to London.

Alarming Atlanticism

The participation of the US Secretary of State in the meeting of the council which defines European foreign policy is evidence of the US’ concern over Continentalist trends in the EU following the referendum in the UK. John Kerry is seeking to personally monitor the situation, despite the fact that top EU officials like Federica Mogherini are devoted Atlanticists.

The United States also intends to re-use the problems of combating terrorism in order to promote their initiatives in the Middle East. Finally, the failure of the US-backed coup in Turkey could affect the country's relations with both the US and the EU, as a number of mutineers have requested political asylum in Greece, an EU member country, and Fethullah Gülen mastermind of the failed coup dwells in the US.

US and EU against Erdogan

The Turkish problem is of serious concern to Washington and Brussels. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, have opposed further persecution of the pro-Atlanticist politicians in Turkey involved in the coup. Under the pretext of preserving democracy and the rule of law, they want to prevent the total eradication of Gulen’s parallel state and other pro-Western institutions. Earlier, a similar statement was made by John Kerry. Obviously, the Atlanticists fear the elimination of their entire network of influence and a strengthening of Erdogan, who can continue the sovereign policy of rapprochement with Russia.

During the event in Brussels Mogherini and Kerry threatened Turkey to frozen its process of joining the EU and claimed to made it an outcast in the frames of NATO if the suppression of subversive elements continues. Kerry even threatened to oust Turkey from NATO. This thoughtless statement was lately denounced by the State Department.

Rockets for the United Kingdom

The next item on John Kerry's European tour was his visit to London. The US is striving to maintain close relations with the United Kingdom against the context of Brexit. It is also clear that Kerry had a decisive influence on the Parliament of the United Kingdom’s vote on upgrading its Trident nuclear force.