It's Russians, Again! Charlottesville Anniversary


There is no limit to the shamelessness of the American ruling class. Thomas Garrett, a Republican congressman from the state, found the culprit in the tragedy in Virginia, where exactly one year ago in the city of Charlottesville between left and right there were clashes resulting in the death of a woman and which indirectly led to the death of two policemen whose helicopter crashed for technical reasons . In involvement in this provocation directed against US President Donald Trump and his conservative supporters, in which 19 more people were injured, he accused ... of course, Russians.

What would they do without Russia?

Garrett himself answered the question why Moscow needed this: Of course, to "undermine the faith of Americans in the principles of Western democracy." The FBI has not yet commented on the absurd remarks of the congressman. Perhaps the main spy department of the US is just tired of commenting on such nonsense: on the eve of the midterm elections in the United States, the inhabitants of the Capitol or contenders for a seat on the American political Olympus almost every day invent a story behind history in order to attract the attention of voters that they have become a victim of insidious "Russian hackers" or, on the contrary, fought off them.

Trump changed the subject

In an organizedby the Democrats and the leftists a year ago in Charlottesville provocations were initially blamed only the "Hitler in the White House", and his "fascist" and "racist" supporters. Therefore, Trump, although he certainly knows what really happened, just could not not respond to this event from his golf club in New Jersey:

    The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!

To ensure that critics do not cling to his words that Trump condemns "all types of racism", that is, black, too, whose existence in America is ignored by left-liberal circles, the US president continued to boast that he cares about "minorities" and achieved "The lowest in history" unemployment rate for black and Hispanic Americans. He noted that he has now undertaken "prison reform" and "will never stop fighting for all Americans." He did not accidentally mention this, since the Blacks and Latinos are the main contingent of American prisons.

What actually happened in Charlottesville?

Opponents of Trump could not forgive him that, calling the events in Charlottesville "a terrible moment for the country," he honestly admitted that the riots involved "two sides". On the one hand, right-wing, conservative Americans, to whom an aggressive group of white racists has been attached. On the other hand, the leftists, liberals and representatives of the black population, among whom were extremely aggressive-minded thugs. And the left, who, Trump acknowledged, were the initiators of the clashes, "acted without permission, they were very, very violent."

He stressed that "both sides are to blame" that he immediately condemned the actions of the white "racists", although they were going to defend a monument to the best general of the Confederation.

As a result, after a few days Trump did not dare to criticize the participants in the many thousands of "anti-racist" protest marches in Boston, organized by liberal fascists, who beat even patriotic women for holding the star-striped American flags.

Discoveries of Charlottesville

Analyzing a year ago in the hot pursuit of the tragic events in Charlottesville, the reaction we can say that, Firstly, none of those who condemned Trump does care what really happened in Charlottesville. Who provoked the riots? Why? Nothing really matters. Secondly, since there were "neo-Nazis", "racists" and "white supremacists", they are to blame for everything. Thirdly, "anti-Nazis", "anti-racists" are always right. "The license to kill", at least morally, they have.

Fourthly, any clash between "Nazis" and "anti-Nazis", "racists" and "anti-racists" should be used to unequivocally condemn the first and what they are advocating. Even if the "anti-racists" are black racists, and "anti-fascists" are leftist militants. Fifthly, if someone is declared a "neo-Nazi" or "racist", then this is a defeat in rights. They do not have the right to protest at all: they are guilty because they are ready to defend their rights, even if by the most peaceful means.

Today, "something" happensIs a new provocation being prepared?

The Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, declared an emergency in the city, saying at a press conference in the ... synagogue that all forces will be directed to ensuring security, noting that "some people are going to come to our city for the sole purpose of spreading hatred."

By the way, the state of emergency has been announced in the northern districts of Virginia, but, it seems, only to annoy the left-wings and black racists. Local authorities also say that if something "happens" in Washington, riots can spread to neighboring state, so these measures are not superfluous.

This is what we see today. For the right, it was forbidden to hold demonstrations timed to the anniversary of events in the city .. but this was allowed "to the other side."

Alternative Investigation

The death of the 32-year-old Heather Hayer in Charlottesville was hanged by the authorities on the really crazy "white supremacist" James Alex Field, Jr., who, driving the car, allegedly crashed into a column of "anti-fascists" marching along the street. In December last year, local authorities in honor of the crushed Hayer renamed one of the city streets. Her death was used to drastically intensify the campaign to demolish historical monuments throughout the country, to discredit President Trump, moral terror against conservative Americans.

Meanwhile, a public independent investigation of the circumstances of this tragic incident, laid out on the Internet, showed that the official guilty in it had stipulated himself. That this mentally abnormal person could not be behind the wheel of that car, because accidentally caught in the field of view of street cameras his driver is completely different from him. It became clear that the incident itself was staged and in no way connected with the "other side".

A legitimate question arises: who and how did actually provide the corpses for this provocation? But it arises, alas, only among people who have not forgotten how to think. However, from Congressman Garrett, we heard the answer prepared for the American "sapiens" - It was Russia. Of course! Who else? In everything bad that happens in America, Britain, and now even Greece, Russia is to blame.