Greek crisis is a part of economic warfare


Greece is a special case in the southern European context. We are living in a very dramatic moment in our history.

The agreements that the Greek government signed with the European Central Bank and with the International Monetary Fund have led to the unprecedented economic and social catastrophe which is ongoing. It is the greatest social and financial crisis in capitalistic Europe since 1945. The only one phenomenon which is somehow comparable is the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Greece is really destroyed and at the same time it is put under direct neocolonial control by creditors. By creditors I mean the European Union and the IMF and also the United States which has always had direct geopolitical influence on Greece.

The situation is really dramatic. There is no major political force to oppose this neocolonial regime.

Of course the program is neoliberal but it is more than neoliberal. Greece is the first country where we can see the transition from neoliberal model of capitalism to a disaster model of capitalism. The loss of gross domestic product jeering the years that we apply this program is more than 27%. It is a higher percentage than of the material loss of France and Germany after the First World War. It is even worse than what happened in the United States during the Great Depression.

Therefore, we are not speaking about a model of management of the country which is anti-social in some way. We are speaking about the program of the distraction of a whole nation, which is an unprecedented experiment of the western world.

It is really a kind of economic warfare. They destroyed us - our economy, our society, our culture. They took our country right out of our hands.