Germans proposed to create the United States of Europe


Recently, the leader of the German Social Democrats (SPD), Martin Schultz proposed the idea to create the United States of Europe.

The old Masonic idea of the United States of Europe as an alternative to the Holy Roman Empire has found a new breath in our days. In the past, this idea was promoted by Napoleon and Wilhelm II.  Both tried to establish the dominance of their countries - France and Germany - over Europe.

This time the new idea was needed by the Social Democrats, who suffered a historic defeat in the September elections to the Bundestag. The party is clearly in decline. And not only in Germany, but also in the whole Europe. From the spokesman of the interests of the working class, the Social Democrats have become representatives of dependents and migrants. And since they have no ideas of their own, they have taken the old one.

Schultz saw the opportunity in a desperate situation

At the recent congress of the SPD, its leader Martin Schulz was not able to offer a clear solution to the country's exit from the political crisis. And, probably, for this very reason he remembered ... the United States of Europe. He demanded that it must be created by 2025. According to Schultz, it is necessary to develop an appropriate agreement with a view to its ratification by the EU member states. All other countries that do not do this will have to leave the EU. Thus, Schultz considers it possible to frighten the "right-wing nationalists" who are strengthening their positions in the EU. Or even bring them out of the community together with their countries.

Acting Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, a member of the SPD leadership, supported the idea of Schulz. He declared:

"Now someone, namely, Martin Schulz, has put forward an idea on how Europe should develop further, and everyone immediately began to criticize him."

Also, the politician asserts that Schulz's proposal is aimed at turning the EU into a representative of the interests of citizens.

The people of Europe are against this idea

German citizens see that they no longer have the right to vote (only in elections) in their own country. The authorities decide the issues of their future and the future of their children in the most irresponsible way. For example, they have already launched into Germany millions of aggressive migrants.

Therefore, those same citizens, whose interests were mentioned by Sigmar Gabriel, happily buy just for € 15 a miniature souvenir gallows with the inscription: "Reserved for Sigmar 'low-life' Gabriel". By the way, the attempt of politicians to stop the trade failed. The court ruled that the gallows and inscriptions should not be perceived as a threat of murder, but as a "symbolic wish for political death."

In politics everything is complicated

In its current form, the EU is uncontrollable. It consists of very different in terms of development, mentality, economic power and wealthy countries. Some of them are quite liberal like Germany, some more conservative like Poland. Because of this, further eurointegration is stalling. Not everyone wants to bring their freedom and independence to the altar of United Europe. Many states want to decide their own destiny by themselves.

In Brussels and Berlin, they are ready to sacrifice quantity to please the "quality" of the EU members. Therefore, the requirement of the SPD to create the United States of Europe may also be a warning to the "rebellions":
"You obey us, Germans, or fail, but do not count on our subsidies and financial indulgences."

There comes a moment of truth. It is not yet clear when the European train will move to the United States of Europe. How many countries will refuse membership? And whether this train will move anywhere? This will depend ultimately on the peoples of Germany and other EU member states. In general, this is a confrontation between people and elites, whose business needs the largest possible market. This is the main contradiction of the modern era.

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