Freedom House Smacks Alarm: Globalists Lose Control Over the World


It is time to shout the guard and beat all the bells. The Freedom House NGO noted in its annual report that democracy is in crisis, especially in such areas as free and fair elections, the rights of minorities, migrants, diasporas, government, freedom of speech, both in the media and in individual citizens. For 13 years in a row, as is evident from the reports of the organization, the level of freedom on the planet is decreasing, "democracy is retreating." And almost everywhere, even in the United States. Only in five countries of the world, including Armenia, in 2018 were there, from the point of view of the authors of the report, positive changes proving that “democracy” has not yet lost its appeal.

A bit of history

To better understand what is being said - and why it is in this vein - about the state of democracy in the world in a report of an Washington-based NGO, let's look at what Freedom House is and who controls it. This organization was created in 1941, when World War II was raging in the world, Eleanor Roosevelt - the wife of the US President, who carefully prepared this war together with his entourage.

Since 1978, the organization began to conduct extensive research on the state of political and civil liberties in the world, because the American and global elites began to successfully use them as “soft power” to achieve their goals using bloodless methods, by supporting “democracy” and “human rights”, especially in countries resisting American and globalist dictates. Freedom House is funded by 85% of the US government, the rest comes from individuals and organizations. The supervisory board of this structure includes former high-ranking US government officials, diplomats, and heads of special services. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington, James Woolsey, Donald Rumsfeld and their equally famous and influential persons equal in status in different years were members of Freedom House.

For over 40 years, this respectable globalist organization has been issuing annual reports “Freedom in the World”, which analyzes the state of affairs with political rights and civil liberties in various states. According to a certain methodology, they are assigned corresponding ratings according to which countries are divided into “free”, “partially free”, “non-free”.

In general, it is clear that we are talking about a biased, extremely influential, near-scientific structure, loyal not so much to the US government, as to the world pseudoliberal elite, which is broader than the purely American one.

What kind of democracy and freedom are we talking about?

Therefore, let us not be mistaken and take for a pure moment of complaint about the “global erosion of democratic norms,” as mentioned in the report under consideration. It really is not about the old type of democracy - the power of the people, but about liberal democracy, that is, not at all democracy. In fact, the problem of reducing the influence of the global elite on the formation of the international agenda is being raised, which, naturally, the “globals” do not like at all.

Alas, individuals working in Freedom House simply cannot be democrats by definition, this is an oligarchy. It is even more interesting to study their point of view and interpretation of the processes taking place in the world, seeing in them actually the attempts of political forces of different countries to get out of the control of the globalist elite, which has adapted democratic institutions and values to impose their vested interests on the whole world under the banner of humanism and human rights.

What is the "erosion" of democracy

So, NGO analysts, including taking into account the opinion of “human rights” structures in various countries of the world fed from the same sources, revealed the main signs of “erosion”.

First, it is dishonest elections. This accusation is addressed to uncontrolled local rivals for power: they are more and more fraudulently juggling them, putting pressure on voters, not allowing protégés of globalists to win on them.

Secondly, the inconvenient rulers of various countries successfully extend with the help of various tricks the terms of their stay in power, in particular, in the countries of the former USSR. This, of course, does not apply to Angela Merkel, four times re-elected Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel, since modern German political traditions and systemic policies cannot be wrong. But Russian President Vladimir Putin and a number of politicians for this - and much more - should be ashamed.

Thirdly, attacks on “freedom of expression” are increasing - both in terms of the press and in terms of the “right to vote” of individual citizens. The offensive on this front is headed by China’s “new and more effective digital authoritarianism,” which is accused of “comprehensive censorship on the Internet.” The subtle substitution here is that Beijing is actually accused of depriving the US of the right to control the Internet in Chinese territory.

Fourthly, allegedly the “rights” of migrants and “refugees”, including the “asylum”, were threatened. Freedom House counted 257 million migrants in the world, declaring that the refusal of their “right” to sit on the necks of others means “a threat to human rights in general”.

Fifth, there is de persecution of expats, exiles and diasporas in the world. The main culprits here are Russia, China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

And finally, in the sixth, ethnic cleansing are growing in the world. As an example, “repressions” against the Crimean Tatars in the Crimea occupied by Russia and those “who insist on their Ukrainian identity” are cited. China is accused of the destruction of the Uigurs.

The worst

Of the 50 countries recognized as “not free”, Freedom House identified 13 of the worst, and by very peculiar criteria. This most blacklist includes “besieged dictatorships” - Syria and the CAR, closely associated with Russia, Sudan, which has serious Chinese interests. Eritrea, North Korea, and Uzbekistan are called “police states”, apparently because Western control over them through “civil society” is impossible under these conditions. Unfortunate Libya - the victim of US greed - is also on this list.

But, of course, it will be very difficult to reproach the authors of the report with “institutional racism”, since they very sharply criticize not only the above countries with Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, and Venezuela but also a number of European states - Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, etc. A short list of major claims is attached. Even Israel dared to put on the look of "escalation of nationalism."

Trump's USA (after all, the presidents are temporary, and the “Deep State” is immortal) was not spared either. Freedom in America, according to the report, is “in decline,” because President Donald Trump challenged many important institutions, in particular, the “free press,” which he “demonizes” by calling it “fake”, and Congress “too often” cannot nothing to do with it.

Trump violated the “ethical standards” of the civil service, allowed “conflicts of interests” and nepotism in his post. The president attacked the US judicial system, offended the “traditional democratic allies” of the United States, praised “the worst dictators”. In general, Trump not only deprived of the support of "American democratic values", but also "encouraged the forces that oppose them."



Thus, we have before us a real, deeply and carefully thought-out manifesto of the American division of the globalist elite, which in fact is not at all concerned with the issues of freedom and democracy in the world, but only how, by manipulating these sacred concepts, to impose its will on the entire planet. For people of this level of power, Putin, Assad and Trump are not much different from each other.