France Next President: Macron Out?


France's next president will be Laurent  Wauquiez, the 42-year-old leader of the center-right party "Republicans".

Macron will be out.  Despite Wauquie's age, he is a very  experienced politician. He won the inner-party elections with a great advantage. 74.6% of party members voted for him.

Thanks to the intrigues of the globalists, Emmanuel Macron had a rapid rise to the post of French President. Now, Macron is facing a rapid sunset of his career. His ratings are dramatically falling.  In this situation, Wauquiez has to revive his own party “the Republicans” before replacing the current president.  His party should have won the last presidential election. However, the scandal with its candidate, François Fillon, made the situation between the utra-right and left poles of French politics very unstable.  Many of its supporters even voted for false-center Macron in the last election.

Wauquiez is a "conservative without complexes". Thanks to him,  the Republicans should leave this failure period behind.  Moreover, they are the second-strength faction with 108 deputies in the parliament. Macron’s party "Republicans on the march" has 350 deputies. All other parties have almost nothing. However, unlike ultra-right  Marin Le Pen and  ultra-leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Wauquiez has no deputy mandate.  He cannot use the parliament as a tribune.

“The Right have returned”. Macron out

However, before challenging Macron, Wauquiez will not only have to revive his own party, but also try to become the leader of the opposition. This will be his most difficult task. According to recent sociological surveys, only 8% of French people believe now that the Republicans will be able to lead the opposition.  French people have sympathy towards Mélenchon. The French give him 28% of vote.   They give 14% of vote to  Le Pen. If Wauquiez solves how to "reach the final," then he will surely win.

The new leader of the party is optimistic. He is confident that the "right-wingers have returned." And he is preparing a rematch: "We lost, we were disunited, we disappointed the French, but we will build it all over again, with new faces."

France's center-right leader

Wauquiez is an experienced politician. He is  well known in the country. Wauquiez was the chairman of the party, was its general secretary. He served as Minister of Education and Secretary of State in the government under President Nicolas Sarkozy. Wauquiez  supervised European affairs. He headed the council of the Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes region in the election of 2016. He does not hide his right and conservative positions.

Wauquiez is against the policy of "open doors" for migrants. He stated, for example, that he was not ready to finance the "Amazon Indians and Democracy in Africa". He did not accept the attempts of Islamist circles to dictate their rules in France. Speaking recently about a possible return of "French" terrorists  from, he said that jihad should become for them a "one-way trip". Wauquiez opposes "social dependency". He requires  public works for those who receive social benefits from the government.  Moreover, he considers the current president  "arrogant and capricious."

Moreover,  Wauquiez declares that he is even ready to fight the French elite. He thinks that "decisions for the whole country cannot be taken in the Parisian palaces with gold chandeliers and frescoes." Only the person, who himself belongs to the elite, can said this. He does not need to fawn upon the elite. And Wauquiez was born into a family of wealthy industrialists. He grew up in one of the most expensive districts of Paris. He received a comprehensive higher education, including at the Institute for Political Studies and the National School of the French Administration. Almost all the presidents of the Fifth Republic were graduates of this elite school.

And what about Marine?

The relations between the Republicans Wauquiez  and the National Front Le Pen  will the biggest intrigue in the forthcoming domestic political period in Franc. Both these parties work with a voter  sharing  the same political views.  The organizations have only one  difference. The "Republicans" are a systemic party. The "National Front" is a non-systemic party. The establishment always tries to  demonize and discriminate the last one. Therefore,  this is a very big difference.

According to the French media, Le Pen asked Wauquiez  to cooperate before the last election. He rejected her proposal. However, the "National Front" is convinced that Wauquiez  will try to gain the sympathy of Le Pen’s supporters. And this is over a third (35%) of the French. The new head of the Republicans has already confirmed these suspicions and said  that "there are no 35% of fascists and nationalists in France ." Obviously,  the Republicans want to present a more moderate version of the same "National Front" . And they  intend to persuade a significant part of Le Pen’s voters.

Perhaps , they will succeed.  Many supporters of the "National Front" can go for this. If they want Wauquiez to be the next president, not Macron.

Nevertheless, Le Pen has a significant role in French and European politics. The more resolute, clever and talented she will act, the more her ideas and ideas  of her party  the “Republicans” will take into their work. As a result, this party will become more right and conservative.  However, there is a little chance for Le Pen to come to power. The globalists will never let her in there. If France continues to drown slowly, then the country will have to choose between Macron and  Wauquiez. To choose the last one is better. This is the real task of Le Pen. It also requires many efforts. We wish them both success.