Five reasons the Jews are killed


The recent terrorist attack in Israel threatens to provoke a new wave of terrorism in the Holy Land. What are the reasons for this terrorism? Why are the Jews still being killed in their historic homeland?

1. Geopolitical reason

From the very beginning Israel was an expansionist state: During the Arab-Israeli wars in the last half of the 20th century, Israel occupied a large part of Palestinian land, where according to the UN general Assembly resolution № 181, an Arab Palestinian State should emerge. The UN urged Israel to return to the 1967 borders, but the Israeli leadership has consistently refused to do so. The lack of a fully-fledged Palestinian state, the uncertain status of the Palestinian territories, the policy of apartheid toward the Palestinians, the punitive actions, the blockade of Gaza by Israel, and the occupation of Jerusalem, which both nations consider their capital, all cause the growth of radical sentiments among Palestinians and fuel terrorism accordingly.

The US government shares responsibility for the fact that a Palestinian state was never created and, consequently, terrorism against Israel continues. It supports the expansionist ambitions of Israel, providing them with military and financial assistance. Israel is perceived as an outpost of US influence in the Middle East.

2. Racist reason

The continuation of an apartheid policy also provokes anger not only from Palestinians, but also from Israeli citizens of Arab origin. In addition, Israel is a nationalist and de facto Judaic state. Jewish, Christian or Muslim faiths cannot expect repatriation to Israel and receive Israeli citizenship. If they choose to join these religions a short time after moving to Israel, their citizenship can be revoked. Attacks on Christians and Muslims on religious grounds have become commonplace in Israel; radicals are tacitly supported by the authorities.

The trigger of the recent intifada was Israel's attempts to restrict the Arabs’ access to the Temple Mount, sacred to both peoples, as well as the barbaric act of burning alive an Arab family with a small child in Duma village, committed by Jewish terrorists in late July 2015.

None of this is conducive to peace between people of different ethnic and religious groups in Israel. Arabs make up 20 % of the citizens of Israel (excluding Palestinians, who have no civil rights or their own state). Many Arab citizens feel that the state, as well as society at large, not only actively limits them to second-class citizenship, but treats them as enemies, impacting their perception of the de jure versus de facto quality of their citizenship. Israel de facto is a racist state.


3. Internal policy reason

The participation of extreme right-wing parties in the political life of Israel also contributes to the heightening of tensions. The party of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "Likud", opposes concessions to the Palestinians. The importance of Russian Jew émigrés that are traditionally inclined to the most radical of the far-right parties (Our Home is Israel, Likud) is growing, which causes difficulties in the peace settlement in Palestine. In turn, Israel's aggressive policy leads to sustained support for the Palestinian radicals among Arabs. This is why Hamas, which does not aim to achieve peace with Israel, holds power.

4. Economical reason

Terrorism in Israel also has an economic dimension: It is estimated by Israeli scientists, who conducted a special survey in 2004, that Israel loses up to 15% of its GDP due to terrorism, but this figure may be higher. The authors were unable to take into account potentially the most important economic impact of terrorism - the lost wealth when investors turn elsewhere. So the external economical reason for terrorism is to weaken Israel from an economic point of view.

Economic inequality between Jews and Arabs is also a catalyst for terrorism. One of the assumptions of the "Oslo Peace Process" was that it would increase stability by improving the economic conditions for the Arabs of the region. But since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.), the per capita GDP among the P.A. Arabs dropped from $3,500 in 1987 to around $1,000 in 1999. Jewish settlers occupy the best parts of Palestinian land, and the vast part of Palestinian Autonomy is under blockade and has an unresolved status, therefore the country has turned into a black hole for the regional economy.

5. Judaic reason

There is also another reason that is mentioned by the Orthodox Judaic sect Neturei Karta. They believe that terrorism is God's punishment for Jews, who hurried to establish a Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah. For them, modern Israel is a parody of a real, spiritual Messianic state of the future. According to Neturei Karta, God punishes Jews because they have broken the three Talmudic commandments:

Firstly, the Jewish people had sworn not to rebel against the nations of the world. Secondly, it vowed not to participate in activities that may hasten the end of the world. Thirdly, it vowed not to return all together to Israel. These are the Three Oaths of the Talmud, which the Jewish people are bound to respect. Zionism, clearly, came into direct conflict with each of them.