The Finnish authorities approved the first march of the "Immortal Regiment" in Helsinki


In Finland, any citizen has the right to express political positions at rallies without the permission of the authorities.

Therefore, in the case of the first Immortal Regiment in Helsinki, the Finnish authorities intend to fully protect the event and guarantee its peaceful conduct. I believe that the initiative is good. In particular, there are a lot of Russians living in Helsinki, but so far there have been no general events for the Victory Day. Now everyone can participate in the march "Immortal Regiment". This is a clear indication of the high level of Russian-Finnish relations.

"Immortal Regiment" in Helsinki will be held on Victory Day and starts at 18.00 at the Sibelius Monument. Finnish citizens will march in an anti-fascist procession carrying photos of their heroes who fought against fascism in the Second World War. The Soviet Union, with the help of the whole world, defeated fascism and Nazism more than 70 years ago, tens of millions of people sacrificed their lives for this. This peaceful procession is a way to honor the ancestors.

This event is not against Finland or the Finns, on the contrary, it is a gesture of peace and reconciliation. We invite the Finns to support our procession, and although our ancestors fought against each other, let us not repeat this monstrous mistake of the past. Maybe it's time to drop the weapons and remember together our grandfathers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of a better future for their children!