The fight continues


 The struggle of the Montenegrin people for freedom has not stopped. Democratic Front, on the 27th of February, continued to protest against the regime of Milo Đukanović. At the protests a few thousand people filled the boulevard in front of the Parliament of Montenegro. Their demands are: “kicking out the opposition from the Assembly and all authorities, the boycott of all elections and referendums that are directed by the corrupt regime, banning the work of war-profiteering and anti-war profiteering parties, forming the transitional government for the technical organization of early elections, the first free elections in the country’s history and checking the origin of the property of all those who perform state functions”.

Some “opposition” parties, which are in fact founded by Đukanović himself, are a big problem in politics in Montenegro. Because of this there is no unity in the opposition. But the main player is the US embassy. Unfortunately the duplicity of western policy can be seen to all in Montenegro. Despite all the evidence of what the regime of Milo Đukanović really is, the US still openly supports the Đukanović government, while the EU does so tacitly. Regarding the EU, it has been openly against Đukanović and asked for his departure, but under US pressure the EU fell silent. The reason why Milo Đukanović is still tolerated is very simple. It’s because of the entry of Montenegro into NATO. The vast majority of the population in Montenegro is against the entering of Montenegro into NATO, and through democratic means the people will not change their opinion.

But the US believes that Milo Đukanović, an expert on electoral fraud and a man who the people of Montenegro are afraid of, should be allowed to play a final political role. The role is to bring Montenegro to NATO. For the US, the ideal successor to Đukanović would be from a pro-Western and anti-Russian party. Although the citizens of Montenegro want the closest possible relations with Russia, the US allocates a lot of money to prevent that. Accordingly, if the US is preparing the successor to Đukanović, that person should be Ranko Krivokapic.

The main priority for Ranko Krivokapic is also NATO membership. It is important to know that in Krivokapic’s office there is a flag of the US. His party, SDP, broke up the coalition with Đukanović after 18 years. He said that the SDP have the ambition to bring together civic opposition that can be an alternative to a party that rules, so to speak, for 70 years. This refers to the fact that Đukanović’s DPS is a successor to the Communists, which were in power since 1945. Krivokapic believes that the SDP and DPS are comparable to Churchil and Stalin, and pointed out that he currently will not sail with Đukanović’s political compass. Ranko Krivokapic as a politician is not popular, and like his party, they are behind in the polls, but with the logistics of the US Embassy that can rapidly change.

This is supported by the fact that some “independent” media outlets already see him as the person who should be the new prime minister. Đukanović hopes that after he introduces Montenegro to NATO, he will get amnesty and avoid prison. Because of that, NATO propaganda in Montenegro works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a lot of pressure on the people for the accession. But despite the great propaganda, the results are bad. There are two main reasons why the people of Montenegro are opposed to NATO membership. The first is due to the long historical ties with Russia.

The people of Montenegro remember how much Russia helped them throughout history. The struggle for liberation from the Ottoman Empire would have been impossible without Russia. The second reason is NATO’s aggression against Serbia and Montenegro in 1999. Montenegro is really at a turning point this year. In front of the people of Montenegro is a difficult battle for freedom, but we must not forget that this is a nation that throughout history has not complained for freedom.