A few points about Prince al-Faisal's statements


Under the title “Saudi prince warns Iran against using force to pursue rivalry” Reuters reported on the 15th of September from SPA that Mecca Governor referred to the performance of Hajj pilgrimage this year and called on Iran to refrain from its wrong manner towards Arabs and warned it against any use of force in its rivalry with the kingdom. Then he prayed to God to guide and deter Iranians from their transgression toward their fellow Muslim among the Arabs in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and around the world.

This is nothing more than unprofessional propaganda to change the real scenario. Iran never talked about attacking the Saudis nor had any intention to do so. To be fair, Iranians were behaving very gently when they showed a great self-control in front of the Saudi's guilt in letting a great number of people die during the last Hajj ceremony. Attacking the Saudi embassy in Tehran was an exception. They were some angry protesters against the beheading of Sheikh Namir by the Saudis. The attackers were arrested by Iranian police and all Iranian authorities condemned it. But it was a great chance for the Saudis to pretend they are oppressed and they magnified it and relished in this opportunity that they couldn't otherwise afford even by spending millions of petro dollars.

 Anyhow talking about Iran's possible attack on the Saudis is a way to deviate the attention from the main problem. Iran has a very clear demand, and it is to allow an international committee to investigate the events took place during the previous hajj pilgrimage that caused thousands of people to die in a very heart-breaking way. Certainly there were many cameras and Saudi's surveillance system that can remove the ambiguities. Iran will be happy to find Saudi non-guilty in that tragedy. This is the very first right for all Muslims to know the hidden sides of an event that caused their relatives and brothers to die. Instead of behaving responsible for all those innocent lives, they demand that others forget everything and ascribe it to the will of God the almighty, and then they criticize Iran for not taking it easy with the entire story.

The governor of Mecca called on Iran to refrain from its wrong manner towards Arabs. This is a way to direct Saudi problems to all Arabs. To be Arab has a specific meaning here. All Arabs see each other having the same destiny and common religion, history, culture and feeling. They regard Arabic unity as a key for Islamic unity and visa versa. Especially when there is a threat, they emphasize more on their being Arab. It makes the problem of one to be the problem of all. The Saudis know this fact very well and ascribe the issue to Arabs in general, while it has nothing to do with others. This is about how Saudis managed the ceremony last year that ended with all those casualties. The main problem here is that people's lives have no value in their eyes. They dismissively say that those who died there were lucky to die in such a sacred place. Even some countries appreciated the way Saudi managed the hajj pilgrimage last year. This is the main problem of the third world that there is no value for human life.

Moreover, the war in Syria and Iraq caused much harm to the neighboring countries, especially Iran. In fact Iran is the first country to dislike this war because it is in all aspects against its stability and interest. Directing war into Syria and Iraq was a strategy to kill the ripple effects of Arab spring. In Sunni eschatological traditions Syria and its war at the end of time and defending its believers is very important. Since Sunni population is the majority in this country, magnetizing the problems there and making it the urgent issue of the Sunni world was a very effective agenda for the other Arab countries to make the exploding anger of youth concentrated on Syria and to put an end to the Arab Spring. So those who put the flames of rebellion in Syria out are responsible for the war there. The rebels even didn’t accept a fair presidential election under the observation of international bodies to let Syrian people decide for the future of Syria.It is because many of the rebels are not Syrian and many different goals and adventures have attracted them to Syria and they like the country this way. In this between Iran supports the licit government of Syria. No need to mention the story of Yemen war. If in Syria and Iraq there are fighters from different countries but Yemen war is waged only by Saudi and it is Saudi who bombards that country without any care to kill innocent children and women. 

To find any side guilty in the war in Syria, Iraq or Yemen has nothing to do with the right of a country or other countries to know about the fate of their citizens. Especially after so many different suspicions which are there. For instance they rejected the request to deliver the bodies of the victims to their countries first. But Iran's strong demand made them transfer the bodies later. Former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi was among those who were lost in the event. His body was delivered almost 70 days after the tragedy while the internal organs of the body were emptied, so it was not possible to clarify the time and cause of his death. This is one of many doubts and suspicions in this scenario, and it is our right to know what the real story was. But the Saudis always tried to have the upper hand, and not only didn’t cooperate with uncovering the facts and didn’t try to make up for their mistakes, moreover they didn’t issue visas for Iranians to go to Hajj, and abandoned thousands of Muslims whose hearts were beating for visiting the House of Allah.