FBI technologies. How to break a person


Lawyer Vladimir Makeyev, representing the interests of Russian citizen Yevgeny Nikulin, in his letter told the US president and journalists about the pressure from the part of the American special services.

Evgeny Nikulin was detained at the request of US special services in the Czech Republic on charges of hacking attacks.

According to the lawyer, the special agent of the FBI Jeffrey Miller suggested that Nikulin agree to extradition to the United States and there in the media to compromise Trump's presidential campaign and admit ofhacking the servers of the Democratic Party. For this perjury, he was promised a halt to criminal prosecution, monetary compensation and US citizenship.

In other words, the FBI is trying to break down psychologically russian citizen.

Conditions of Yevgeny Nikulin's maintenance are inadequately strict. Unlike other prisoners, he is restricted in daylight walks and does not have an opportunity to make calls to relatives in accordance with the rules established in the detention center. Moreover, Nikulin suffers from kidney and stomach diseases - from prison conditions, he has already started severe pain, and of course he does not receive the necessary treatment.

The scheme is simple: the US can order any of its state vassals to detain a citizen of Russia, China, Iran or another country, somehow related to programming or information security. After a long "processing" a person is forced to publicly stipulate himself in order to confirm the version necessary to the US intelligence services, in this case the version about the alleged intervention of Russian hackers in the American elections. The same goes for journalists, politicians, representatives of the expert community.

But the cynicism of the methods and purposes of the American special services should not be surprising. Nobody has any illusions about this. Much more important in this story is that, instead ofpressure, a person voluntarily chooses the path of truth.