Farage may return


British political analyst Gregory Lauder-Frost comments on the unexpected resignation of Nigel Farage from the leadership of UKIP and predicts the possible return of that politician if the will of people is ignored:

Firstly, I think he is probably very-very tired and fatigued after first the General Election and secondly the referendum campaign. Then there is in-fighting within his party which does not help. But I am not a conspiracy theorist with regard to his departure.

Farage (and his party) set as their task to get the UK out of the European Union. That has always been their aim. Now we have had a referendum and the majority of our people voted to leave the EU. Technically Farage and UKIP's principal aim has been achieved.

I suspect though that if there were to be significant backsliding by the absolute traitors and conspirators at Westminster he may return.