Fake chemical attack finally acknowledged


On the morning of April 14, the United States, Great Britain and France dealt about 110 blows at military bases and research centers in Damascus and Homs. The pretext for Western intervention was the so-called "chemical attack" in the city of Dumah, from where the forces of President Bashar Assad drove out militants from "Jesh al-Islam."

Prior to that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow has "irrefutable evidence" that the chemical tank is a fake. Experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were already on their way to the Douma, but were stopped by NATO bombing. While experts from the OPCW are planning a new outing to the suburbs of Damascus, Western media are showing evidence that the chemical attack was indeed fabricated.

It was this assessment of the situation that the correspondent of the German television channel ZDF Uli Gack who was traveling to Syria and one of the refugee camps near Damascus, where "some 20,000 people from Eastern Ghouta and especially from Douma" were living. After talking with the refugees from Douma and East Guta, Gack said:

Local residents with full conviction say that Whole story was staged. They say that at the scene was the command post of Islamists. The militants brought in canisters containing chlorine to the area and "actually waited for the Syrian Air Force to bomb the place, which was of particular interest for them."

"People with full confidence assert that such provocations already many times took place in Douma.

According to other witnesses, the militants deliberately exposed people to chemical agents during what they called "training exercises". Then filmed it and presented as "evidence" of the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

Not only Western investigative journalists, but also the military, are talking about falsification. The former head of the British Special Air Service, Major-General Jonathan Shaw, logically justified the lack of expediency for Assad to use chemical weapons in the Duma. "Why Assad should have used chemical weapons at such a time? He won the war." - said Shaw in the interview for the Daily Mail.

until April 7, Assad's forces almost completely cleared East Ghouta and, in particular, the city of Douma, from the militants. There were fighting for a few buildings in which the members of "Jays al-Islam" were hiding. Earlier, the Syrian government, with the support of the Russian military police, began evacuating hundreds of militants with members of their families to the north, to the province of Idlib.

Thus, the militants had more motives to conduct a chemical attack in order to bring blame on Assad and achieve American intervention.