Exposing the dictatorship of Darwinism

A Turkish anchorman, neurosurgeon, and doctor of medical sciences, Oktar Babuna, exposes the absurdity of Darwinism by scientific evidence and explains the reason why this preposterous theory is promoted almost everywhere world-wide.

Darwinism is absurd because it proposes that life emerged by coincidence and that human beings are a mere animal species. However, scientific evidence show us that life couldn’t have emerged by coincidence. In fact, the most fundamental evidence disproves Darwinism. Proteins are the building blocks of living beings. There are around a hundred trillion cells in the human body and each cell contains thousands of different protein molecules. It is impossible for a single protein to simply appear, because other proteins must exist simultaneously - proteins can be produced only by other proteins. At least a hundred different enzymes must exist for a single protein. DNA, the code bank of the cell, must exist as well. And this is still not enough - a complete living cell must exist to produce a single protein. This is a creation by God.

If we look at the beginning of life on Earth, the first cells emerged all at once. For example, the first cell was a cyanobacteria, a cell which exists even today and produces oxygen through photosynthesis. This cell emerged and remains the same cell. All species - from elephants to tigers, plants, fish, and reptiles - appeared all at once and never really changed. There is no evolution.

Darwinism asserts that all living things evolved into others over billions of years by random mechanisms, by chance. Evolution has to show us the transitions, for example, of half-fish, half-reptiles, and half-birds through fossils. But if we look at the six hundred million fossils that we have today, then we cannot find even a single transitional form. This means that species appeared complete and perfectly formed, i.e., were created. This is what science tells us. There is not a single piece of evidence that supports Darwinism.

So, we can ask: why is this theory supported world-wide? Because evolution is atheism. The reason why Darwin is defended by so many scientists all around the world is in order to keep atheism alive. But this didn’t start with Charles Darwin. The idea that life appeared by chance goes back to the Sumerians, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece. This is the beginning of materialism.

In Russia, Turkey, the US, and any other country, there is a dictatorship of Darwinism in all universities and schools. Darwinism implants the idea that humans are fighting-animals which have to struggle to survive. If you are strong, you will survive, but if you are weak, you will be eliminated. This is the selfish struggle of Darwinism. This selfishness takes law away from the world and provokes all kinds of violence, terrorism, and fascism. Karl Marx said that evolution is the basis of Marxism’s natural history. Hitler also put the foundations of fascism on Darwinism. When we look at terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc., these groups emerged for two reasons: religious ignorance and Darwinism. These people need to be educated.

We have never said that Darwinism should not be taught at schools. However, scientific facts that prove the impossibility of evolution must be taught too. Science refuses Darwinism, but these scientific facts are not allowed to be taught in schools. This shows that there is no democracy, because there is no freedom of thought and freedom of worship.

Darwinism has taken love away from the world. It brings selfishness; it sees human beings as animals which can and should kill other animals. If we look at the three major religions –Islam, Christianity and Judaism - they all say that God created all human beings and all other living things with love. Love is the essence of religion. Love will come back to the world with religion. We hope that, with scientific struggle, Darwinism will go away with its egoism and lawlessness.

Everybody has to learn the scientific facts. Real science exposes Darwinism. The imaginary mechanisms of Darwinism –mutations and natural selection – similarly have no genetic information. And mutations are only random changes in the DNA which have only harmful effects. There is no experimental evidence that mutations are beneficial.

Living things are a complex design. There must be a creator behind them. So, Darwinism is illogical and unscientific. With the right education, the world will change. Wars will stop and people will start to love each other again. This will be a very different world.