The EU is soft jellyfish


The truth is cruel! In the recent negotiations between Turkey and Europe, President Erdogan imposed dictates on the inherently weak European Union, it must be said, and failed. Once, I called it the big soft jellyfish, and I believe I was right.

After gaining three billion euros in November to decrease the flow of migrants, the request, of course, was not sufficient, and now he claims to want six billion. The proof of the unsatisfactory request can be seen in the statistics: in January 2016, twelve times more migrants from Turkey came to Greece when compared to January 2015.

Erdogan pulls the wool over your eyes and makes you sing. Today, he will even require the abolition of visas to enable his nation to join the European Union and the acceleration of Turkey's accession to the European Union, as a reward for his non-cooperation.
The evidence shows that the EU isn’t becoming stronger: it generates, on the contrary, a permanent suppuration and a deadly weakness, which Erdogan benefits from greatly. It shows you each day how little morality there is in your lessons, since due to your irresponsible choices you made him super powerful. Thus, a large Turkish opposition newspaper was invaded last week by police, who chased the journalists with water cannons and tear gas, and the Turkish army bombarded the Kurds in Syria, I remind you that Kurds are the fiercest opponents of Daesh and Al Qaeda, Turkey fired at a Russian plane, it participated in the smuggling of Daesh oil – a fact that you refuse to accept –and finally, it is destabilized by multiple attacks on its own territory, caused by the great mistakes of Erdogan’s home and foreign policy.

Is this a country that you want to integrate into the EU?

Finally, remember that only one country has found an effective solution to stop the migration crises. This is, of course, Australia. A wide advertising campaign was conducted in all countries of emigration to discourage illegal immigrants, with boats being systematically returned to their country of origin, and this is the case. This clear and firm policy has shown undeniable results. So let's be pragmatic and responsible, let’s adopt it. Create as many filters as possible, keeping strong national borders intact! Create, under the aegis of the UN, refugee camps in Syria or in neighboring countries to ensure that the war refugees have decent conditions. Everyone will win: Europeans, who can’t do anything more, will not be overwhelmed by unmanageable migration, and migrants will not be attracted by false promises with the risk of death and stalemate at the end of their trip.

Speech by Marine Le Pen, leader of French National Front, at the European Parliament debate on the Preparation of the European Council meeting of 17 and 18 March 2016 and outcome of the EU-Turkey summit