The EU Must Be Destroyed


Taking part in the forum of anti-immigrant parties in Europe in Prague, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, said that the EU ” leads the continent to its death ” and must be “destroyed from the inside”. According to her,  the “Union of European Nations” must replace “this terrible European Union”.

The participants in the conference of the national conservative, right and anti-immigrant forces of Europe positioned themselves the Congress of future winners.  In Prague, they agreed on coordinating their actions in the struggle for the “Europe of nations and freedoms” against the European Union, which is rapidly turning into a totalitarian and anti-popular super state.

Marin Le Pen, Geert Wilders, the current leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom,  Lorenzo Fontana, the leader of the North party,  Georg Mayer , the member of the Freedom Party of Austria, as well as members of the faction “Europe of Nations and freedoms” , Tomio Okamura , the chairman of the Freedom and Direct Democracy, took part in the forum.  Tomio Okamura’s party controls over 10% of seats in the Czech parliament. However, the National-Conservative Party “Alternative for Germany” did not send its representatives to the European forum of right-wing parties this time. Certainly, they did this for tactical reasons, but not for reasons of principle.

Marine Le Pen and her speech
Without any doubt, the star of the forum was  Marin Le Pen. She said everything  frankly and honestly. The third of the French voted for her in the second round of the presidential elections. They adore her for this.

Le Pen said in her speech at the forum:

“The EU ends with a breath. It is hoped that this wrong organization, we will destroy it from the inside. We must act, how the conqueror does”.

Moreover, she expressed her hope that right-wing and nationalist parties are able to defeat the supporters of the EU in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in 2019. Thus, they can end the structure that “leads the continent to its death”.

Besides, the leader of the National Front is sure that the new Union of European Nations will provide for the “voluntary cooperation based on respect and their political and economic interests.” However,  at the beginning, Le Pen believes, it is necessary to restore the abolished borders between the states of the Schengen zone and eliminate the European Commission.

Furthermore, the French politician called it the “historical event”. Also, she admitted that the news that anti-migrant parties formed a new Austrian government confirmed  this forecast.

The key to successful integration
Another star of the forum was Tomio Okamura. He is the Vice-speaker of the chamber of deputies (lower house) of Czech Parliament and Chairman of the movement “Freedom and direct democracy”. This politician knows how a successful integration should be.

“The EU is turning into a totalitarian state,” he said. “We want the closest cooperation of sovereign European States on a mutually beneficial basis and reject the dictates of the current supranational structures, which is a parasite on the unification of the European peoples”,  Okamura said.

Also, the politician explained that  the project of the Union of the European nations suggests maintaining the free movement of people and goods across the continent while simultaneously significantly strengthening the security of its inhabitants.  Moreover, he warned about the danger of “Muslim colonization of Europe”.

Wilders supported the countries of Eastern and Central Europe in their conflict with Brussels
Geert Wilders, the  leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom also approved the position of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. All these countries  refuse to accept illegal migrants on quotas of EU.

Despite the European Commission’s claim to the European Court of Justice, the politician urged them not to give in. And he called for “keeping their doors tightly closed” before illegal migrants. Especially, he praised the Czech Republic. It has a populist and anti-immigrant government now.  The third of  its voters assesses negatively the country’s membership in the EU.

The left and liberals failed to disrupt the forum
Left-liberal demonstrators attempted to disrupt the Prague conference of the right-wing parties. Several hundred of liberals staged a noisy demonstration near the hotel in which the forum was held. To protect its participants, the Prague authorities involved security forces, horse police and even helicopters. The event ended without incident. The protesters did not succeed. The conference ended optimistically. The struggle for real Europe continues. And it is gaining strength.