Endorse Bernie or die


Sanders is the only chance for the Democrats to win the election.

Donald Trump's victory in Indiana decided the two main contenders for the post of the President of the United States: Trump and Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State and the first lady will most likely win the Democratic nomination due to the huge support from the Democratic bureaucrats. The so-called Super-delegates are not influenced by people's will and are almost all on her side. Thus, only God or a miracle can help Bernie and the Democratic Party machine.

The problem of the third candidate

Now the main problem for the Democratic and the Republican establishment is how to defeat Trump. One way to solve this problem is to establish a "third candidate". The third party exodus is mostly championed by the neocons. Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, alongside Robert Kagan, continue to promote this idea as the only chance to get rid of Trump.

Of course the third candidate will newer win, but they will pull votes away from Trump, securing a victory for Clinton. An independent conservative in the ballots is the best way to support Clinton without voting for her. Tim Miller, former Jeb Bush consultant, believes this is the best strategy. Both presidents from the Bush family do not want to endorse Trump and are searching for an alternative person to support, but there is nobody else. If you are a Republican, you are playing with fire by dangerously splitting the party and ruining your political career.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican race, but declared that he does will quit the struggle. His ardent supporters hate Trump more that anybody on the planet, so he can be ideally suitable for this role of a puppet in Clinton's hand, but only if he wants to end his political career, of course. Trump-haters are discussing ideas to draft Mitt Romney or even former Senator Tom Coburn as the third candidate, but these veterans are mostly forgotten. The third candidate initiative will cost the Republican establishment their party. It is not a problem for the neocons, who were originally Democrats, but it will be catastrophic for the whole American political system. It is why the widely discussed "third party option" is unlikely to be realized. This is proven by the behavior of Republican functionaries. After the results of the primary in Indiana were known, the head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, rallied support for Trump as the Republican candidate.

Hillary cannot stand up against Trump

The Republican Party is completely disarmed before Trump. Since Cruz and Kasich have withdrawn from the race, the billionaire is now the only presidential candidate from the Republican Party who will go on to participate in the primaries.
However, Trump and Hillary have one common feature: both are the most controversial candidates with the highest negative ratings in history (65% against Trump and 56% against Clinton). The difference is that Hillary is a provenly corrupt, irresponsible, and hawkish representative of establishment. Unlike Obama, she is not perceived as a motor of change. Trump and Sunders awakened forces that were fed up with the establishment and both the Democrats and Republicans. In the Trump-Clinton contest, these forces, the silent majorly of Americans, will support Trump, and it is no coincidence that Trump recently declared that he will use Bernie’s arguments against Clinton, especially on issues of trade. Today, they run very close to each other in polls and according to various sources, in April Clinton led by a mere 7%. But, this gap is shrinking, and recent polls suggest that Trump might already be ahead of Clinton.

Trump will also use every opportunity to exploit another subject - the FBI's criminal investigation against Clinton. It is genuinely unbelievable that a person could demonstrate such irresponsibility and negligence by using a private server for secret information, and then avoid answering questions.

Bernie - the establishment’s only hope to preserve the status quo

Surprisingly enough, if the contest comes down to Trump and Sanders, then Bernie would probably have more chances than Hillary to win due to the distribution of his support among the most important states. According to polls, Bernie may become more competitive than Hillary come November. Sanders leads Trump by 12.5%, and Trump will not be able to use his obvious weapon of anti-establishment rhetoric, thus rendering Bernie’s nomination nearly the worst option for Trump. Trump needs Hillary as a rival, not the downtrodden socialist senator.

The main question is whether at least part of the Democratic establishment will realize this, or if they will not try to replace their favorite in anticipation of Clinton’s inevitable defeat in November. The main factor in all of this was and is the underestimation of Trump. If the Democrats would have calculated everything beforehand, they would have put up Biden, and not the lady who opened the Pandora’s box of the Arab Spring and who is guilty for the death of American diplomats in Benghazi and, moreover, whose charity fund looks like a money laundering machine. In order to make a revolutionary turn, the Democrats will have to use their executive power. Clinton is now under a criminal investigation by the FBI for using her private email for governmental purposes, thus endangering the security of state secrets. She is already faced with indictments in line with the Espionage Act. The main thing the Democratic leadership needs is political will to work with super-delegates. The criminal charges against Hillary could also be utilized if the Democrats realize that Sanders’ nomination would give them a real chance to save their positions.

Sanders is less anti-system in nature than Trump, as the core of the Obama administration is made up of the same left-liberal values shared by Sanders. The main challenge to the current world system is presented by such conservative populist figures like Putin in Russia, Orban in Hungary, and Le Pen in France, Trump in America included. They are not left because their critiques are radical in terms of culture, identity, and religion, and not mere economics.

Bernie’s economic critique and his views of the current world-order do not pose an alternative in these dimensions. Rather, he merely radicalizes the ongoing, obviously liberal agenda. His criticism is thus superficial. The leftist agenda is inherently anti-national, globalist, anti-traditional, and anti-identitarian just as the liberal one. Both are two faces of the same evil, with such a similarity especially evident between such a left-liberal as Obama and such a “lefter” liberal as Sanders.

Indeed, they have a lot in common. Both are “socialists”; both are bolstered by minorities and left-liberal young urbanites; and both are inclined towards the “new left” gender politics promoting the LGBT agenda and abortions not only in the US but also abroad. Concerning foreign policy, it should be mentioned that as a US Senator, Sanders voted for the military intervention in Libya which opened the road to ISIS in the country just as he supported NATO’s aggression against Serbia in 1999. If he chooses an establishment vice president, then the Democrats and Republicans will essentially gain a new Obama. If the slogans of change were used to push Obama into the Oval Office, then why not use them again to deceive the American population? After all, they like to be deceived. And nothing will change.