The Eastern Peace process was killed yesterday


Let's make some simple reasoning. Mathematical. We try to put aside our emotions after what happened yesterday in Ankara and we have to avoid to think about Turkey as the responsible party. Turkey is a victim as the Eastern World Peace Process brought forward from Russia. After that everyone can draw his own conclusions. Once upon a time there was a democratic country close to a very hot area where some people decided to put the Islamic religion a new flag to fight all the well established governments in the Middle East and North Africa. In that country there was a president who did not want to let his opponents freely to express themselves. A part of the world said, "that ugly and evil tyrant must leave." But the tyrant would not go away. Then some of his opponents began to receive aid to organize and found that there were also some so-called Islamists who wanted to get rid of that tyrant and all those who supported him. Then some gentlemen from the Far West (who don’t want that tyrant too) decided at all costs to export democracy there (their democracy, in their own way, with whom they want). This gentleman from the Far West, met both the rebels (who had already helped) and the so-called Islamists, but he was unwilling to help them too. Until then, all was right.

Then things started to go wrong and the duly elected president,  turning the billiard ball in his head, asked for help from another country who instead respects him. It was a great country that decides to help him. When those Western gentlemen, maniacs about democracy, realized that their worst political enemy has become an ally of the same tyrant who they would like to replace, they decided to fund them those so-called Islamists and send down weapons and resources. But as the friends of the duly elected president  (well maybe it will be a dictator, but who is to qualify that?) are having the upper hand, they decided to create a little instability. So the gentlemen got the opportunity to be visited by an important minister of that enemy country. That minister was visiting another country who they had problems with in order to make peace and work together in the conflicts against the so-called Islamist movement. So those gentlemen sent three clear messages to the world: better pay attention to your own business and not help those presidents who are considered inconvenient by the state obsessed about democracy; when you go around to make peace and improve relations, and thus strengthen your international position, it bothers the government in the land of high-fat sandwiches; don’t ally yourself with other countries who really want to fight those so-called Islamist groups.

The story would have a happy ending. Except that when that old and strong country is cornered, usually very patient and tolerant, it becomes nervous and, coming from a past rather imperialist, takes action and this will be a strong reaction.
It is clear, very clear, why those “terrorists” are killed. Because they can talk and bring the investigation to the right people.

Those people look to be the ones who don’t want to fight the rebels and prefer a world of instability where it is more simple to control people, sell weapons, and most importantly, block any kind of expansion of Russia and real independence of European Union countries.

Putin’s first reaction will be calm and cold, but this terrible action it is the beginning of the Third World War. It will be different, we will talk about that soon, but today is the beginning of the end. The end of a world designed by contraposition between West and East, between Capitalism and Communism, between “good” and “evil”. The new scenarios will be re-designed with a clear line: the economical crisis is artificially created to generate conflicts. The crisis was just exported from the US to the rest of the world in order to make the other countries weak and divided. The real intent is to bring common people to start a rebellion and later establish a new control, fluid, immaterial, digital, but as much real and dangerous as a military one. Now Turkey and Russia, hopefully with some EU countries, have to make some distance from that draw and start to cooperate in order to keep the tribal fighting under as much control as they can. Democracy is not something you can export with your own idea and even is not the best government form in absolute terms or in all cases. People and countries can design their own civil model and now one can re-write it without a natural and soft evolutionary process.