The Colorful Charade

Homosexuals, state officials, politicians, diplomats, Roma children and, why not, Blackwater...

In the preliminary draft of the new Civil Code, it is written that parents can buy a mobile phone for a child, but they can not deprive the child of its possession afterwards. It is also written that parents cannot forbid child from going out – if they do so, they could be deprived of custody of the child. Also, the draft of the new Civil Code provides that parents are obligated to inform a child about homosexuality when the child turns five. So, what is homosexual marriage compared to that?

The preliminary draft of new Civil Code provides even more bizarre rules and obligations that interfere directly in family affairs, which means that these norms are provided in order to dismantle the family. 

It is more than obvious that the Serbian government has received the order from its Western bosses (EU, UK, USA) to be very persistent on this issue. The new draft of the Civil Code has been pursued as legislation since 2006. The Ministry of Justice has released several public statements and notes on the subject from 2006 to 2012, when public dispute on the draft of new Civil Code was announced. But this was the old ministry. The new ministry made a new announcement of the public dispute on the Code's draft. Besides Minister's Selaković new announcement of the public dispute on the Civil Code's draft in July last year, no other significant information has been provided. But the pro-Western media which serve to promote LGBT, homosexuality, and same sex marriages also serve as the vanguard of the government decision, which itself is chosen by a minority of the total number of voters. The attempts at holding homosexual marches, parades, and gatherings have been pursued for more than 15 years in one way or another. 

As time goes by, they have more and more success in sneaking into the government but less success in effective public promotion. The number of homosexuals present at the march for their rights yesterday was smaller than last year or the year before. But, the number of officials taking part increased, as has the number of representatives of foreign (Western) and domestic pro-Western media. This also shows that even Serbian sodomites are not very happy with their overall life situation in Serbia, so the march for gay marriage (among other things) becomes less important. Instead of helping these young and dismantled people to improve, the Serbian government supports the things which dismantle them. 

Sunday's sick event in Belgrade showed another hidden motive for accomplishing the Globalists' agenda on homosexuals' rights. The presence of both ruling and opposition MP’s, government officials, ex-officials, and Western (USA, EU, UK) diplomats showed what they really need homosexuals for – they need them as soldiers for their sick political agenda, as useful idiots who are already misguided and lied to about everything. Some of them have to become the “elite” so that the other scan have role models.

Natural logic suggests that, if one persistently does something, systematically, on different levels, throughout the years, the results will become bigger and better. The outcome of the Serbian governments' efforts (all of them since 2000) has become bigger and better in the different spheres for the benefit of the homosexual agenda. Step by step, homosexuals have entered the government, media, and other public institutions and services. More and more young people claim to be gay, although some of them change their minds after they stop taking chemical drugs and visiting techno-culture events. 

The homosexual lobby has occupied the Social Service in certain municipalities, for example. Social service manages (among other social programs) family counseling, situations after divorces, the custody over children, and acts as meritorious authority in some family disputes. Thus, the only social service in the country long ago began to cooperate with pro-gay NGO’s.

There are examples of social service clerks and officials lobbying for the programs of pro-homosexual NGO’s in order to enter the official public system.  One person might be a state official working in public service and, at the same time, a prominent member of pro-homosexual NGO. This is the schizophrenia of the Serbian public sector, which is not the only one in that matter. The fact that the vast majority of Serbian citizens do not approve the amended Civil Code for benefitting gays and damaging the family is not of any concern to the Serbian government. Furthermore, there is a homosexual minister within the government now. This has never happened before, and this is Vučić's real success. He always claims that something has never happened before… Yes, this shame never happened before. All credit goes to him.

Being the West's political frontmen in Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić (and his cover fellow criminals disguised as the government) just do what they are being told to do.

Sunday's gay march was supported by the presence of the ambassadors of USA, Germany and Italy (Kyle Scott, Axel Dietmann, Giuseppe Manzo, respectively), EU Delegation Chief Michael Davenport, UNHCR Delegation Chief Hans Friedrich Schodder and EU Parliament MP Tanya Fayon. 

The other interesting “attendee” of this political circus was a member of the American private army Blackwater (now renamed Academi). The other odd persons at this event were the members of the Roma community in Serbia who came in family “format”. Their children were given homosexual flags to wave.

While addressing journalists on behalf of the Serbian government and her attendance at the glorious event, Ana Brnabić (the homosexual minister in the government) was asked by Russian journalist Katarina Lane if she came with her girlfriend to the homosexual march. Serbian minister answered that such is a private thing to ask and that it is her private life. So, if that answer is not the act of ultimate stupidity, then, what is? The homosexual minister finds inadequate a question about coming to a gay march with her lesbian girlfriend to support the homosexual agenda. So, what dos this charade really serve?