The Conspiracy of Anglo-Saxon Special Services Against Trump Confirmed


Splitting up the service of the transnational elite of the British and American special services, their contempt for the "populist" US president Donald Trump, the crushing of joint anti-Russian activities like the "Skripal case" or attempts to prove Russia's "interference" in the US elections, have been confirmed.

Sent by the US president earlier this month to London on a confidential mission, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunez, received a "slap in the face" from the leadership of her Majesty's special services. They pointedly refused to give Trump's messenger any explanations or even accepted him. His mission failed.

The Atlantic Revelation

According to the oldest American magazine The Atlantic, the main task of the congressman-Republican from California that was devoted to the US president was to receive information about Christopher Steele, who went to the private sector of the British veteran MI6, who invented the scandalous "dossier" on Trump, as well as his connections to the US Justice Department. Particularly interested in Nunez and the high-ranking official of the department, Bruce Or, who sent him Trump. This figure - an old friend of Steel, repeatedly met with him under the control of the FBI, with whom the latter also worked closely, is considered among the supporters of Trump a key figure in the intrigues woven against him. As we now see, not even American, but Anglo-Saxon.

However, the intelligence management of MI5, the counterintelligence department of MI6, and the GCHQ Center for Governmental Communications did not show any interest in the high-ranking American visitor, which was met only by Deputy National Security Advisor Madeleine Alessandri, in spite of the custom and even elementary courtesy. All of them refused to comment.


In 2015, Democrats and opponents of Trump in the Republican Party hired a private company Fusion GPS to compile evidence on the future US president, who at that time was still a candidate for this post. This company, in which the wife of Bruce Or still works, hired Christopher Steele, the ex-agent of MI6, specializing in Russia, in 2016, a great inventor with bright literary abilities.

His opus, which consisted in the fact that Trump is a frivolous and immoral person, to which Russia has a serious compromising evidence, appeared in the media and spurred on various investigations into the "Russian ties" of the incumbent president, and promoted the announcement of new anti-Russian sanctions across the ocean.

And although at the beginning of this year the FBI, from the very beginning, knowing that the "dossier" - fake, officially stopped considering it as a "reliable source", the provisions and passages from it are still actively used in anti-Tramp propaganda, influence the key customers to American public opinion.

What does the decision of the British mean?

As The Atlantic emphasizes that the decision of the British intelligence authorities to reject a meeting with him points to the political island on which Nunez is located along with a bunch of other Trump supporters in Congress and the media, while he continues his search for violations in the activities of the Ministry of Justice.

The publication disapproves that Nunez himself still intends to defend the president "at any cost", although in the United States today only conformist behavior is valued.

Trump's distracting maneuver

Trump intends to defend himself. He has long criticized the Ministry of Justice and the US special services working for democrats and residents of the "Washington Swamp", which he once intended to "drain". Instead, it is, unharmed, closer and closer to the president himself, whose impeachment threat has become real in recent days. Even Trump himself acknowledged that he warned the Americans that if they "left", everyone would become very ill.

Realizing that the helpers of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller are almost there, having broken the threats of ex-lawyer Michael Cohen behind bars, and forcing him to give evidence compromising Trump's testimony, the US president is trying to "stir up the water" and give a new direction to the investigation of "Russian interference in the elections." The second goal is to smear dirt and try to put pressure on China, the main US commercial competitor.

Calling on the FBI and the Ministry of Justice to begin an investigation into the case of the hacking of the Clinton mail server, what the Russians are accusing the Russians of, Trump wrote on Wednesday in his Twitter:

Hillary Clinton’s Emails, many of which are Classified Information, got hacked by China. Next move better be by the FBI & DOJ or, after all of their other missteps (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, FISA, Dirty Dossier etc.), their credibility will be forever gone!

Let's pay attention: Trump mentioned among this list of the most important state structures and eminent persons also Bruce Ora, about which his loyal supporter Nunez went unsuccessfully to London.

What to expect?

As you can see, Trump rushes like a hunted beast. He still has the last opportunity for a while to take away from himself the blow, striking with cruise missiles and "smart bombs" in Syria and thereby - in Russia. With subtext, I'm not a "Russian agent".