I noticed something very subtle, today, while reading a recent article in the Guardian. If you can bear to read it yourself, here’s the link.

I may be imagining it, but I think there has been an almost imperceptible shift in the usual recent Gramscian and culturally Marxist language of mind control.

Let’s avoid worrying too much about the actual subject of the article, which is the British government’s proposed ban on the internal combustion engine in 2040, within the expected lifetime of certain newly-built cars.

Yes, this has almost single-handedly wrecked the retail vehicle market in this country. Yes, it is simply value signalling of the worst kind. Yes, we all know that our esteemed democratic ‘leaders’ and their string-pulling fonctionnaires need to live off our taxes.


These idiotarians will never completely cripple the transport industry, through their need to constantly keep their pet statist intellectuals onside. When push comes to shove, they will abandon this measure nearer the time, to keep the taxes flowing into their gullets. All of us know that. This includes all the fonctionnaires and their diminutive politicians. Only socialist glad-handing intellectuals are fooled.

Or perhaps Theresa May.

Even if Britain still exists in 2040 and even if these appalling bureaucrats still retain control, and still insist on going through with this measure, then the prices of the rare-earth minerals needed to manufacture tens of millions of electric vehicles in Britain alone will become so prohibitive, higher even than gold and platinum, that the measure will either implode on delivery or get pushed back to 2080, whichever loses the least political face.

So there is very little possibility of this measure actually being implemented, unless the free market moves in that direction anyway through some as-yet-undiscovered technology, such as cold micro-fusion or containable liquid hydrogen.

But just look at the language.

The British government decided to value-signal this move in response to a similar announcement by the French Bilderberger Baby, Emmanuel Macron.

However, whereas the supremely well-manicured Macron used the tedious language of ‘climate change’ to justify his announcement, the British government shied away from that particular enfant terrible.

Instead, it deployed the language of ‘clean air’ policy instead.

So we abandon an entire technology, one which powered Spitfires in World War Two, and which has kept the entire economy going for over one hundred years because of ‘clean air’ policy, with other measures including the re-programming of traffic lights?

Please, pull the other one, the one that’s got bells on.

I think something else has happened. I’m fairly convinced that this measure was going to be announced using the same ‘climate change’ language as Macron employed.

But at long last, I think even British government ministers and their civil servant masters are beginning to quail at the use of such terms. With establishment state-funded ‘scientists’ in Nature magazine now beginning to row back on their own published ‘climate change’ propaganda, I think it has now grown too embarrassing for state spokespeople to keep thumping on this particular hollow tub.

The great H.L.Mencken once said that the whole aim of practical politics was to keep a populace alarmed, and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.

Perhaps the emperor’s clothes are wearing a bit thin on this particular hobgoblin of climate change, even for those emperors as crass and craven as those who inhabit Whitehall’s shady corridors and corrupt palaces?

I certainly think it might be a possibility.

I predict that gradually we’re going to see less and less ‘climate change’ messaging from the British state, with other more defensible hobgoblins being swapped in and out of the information mix instead.

We shall see.