The Build Up to the Council in Crete: A view from the UK


The news is changing on an almost hourly basis as one Church after another either criticises the proposed documents of the council or withdraws completely from the event. As I write this, most recently the Georgian Church has officially announced that it will not take part. To all of this the Phanar has been largely silent save one intransigent proclamation on the obligation of attendance and the impossibility of further discussion. But behind this stance the Phanar must be in turmoil, for this project is its very own. Fifty years of secret discussions and wrangling are now unravelling. The warnings of Saint Justin Popovich have finally been heeded. The Orthodox faithful are now ‘in the know’ and they will not accept lying down for the “smoke of Satan” to enter the Church in some diabolical “Orthodox Vatican II”. They won’t accept the ‘dumbing down’ of their Church to the level of modern man as happened to the Latins (whose churches now stand empty).

All we have heard from our Church leaders here in the UK is to ‘pray for our bishops’ but if the Russian Church withdraws, whom should we pray for? If Russia decides to withdraw this will be the death-knell of the event and I will not be alone in shouting ‘AXIOS!”. The simple Orthodox faithful never wanted (or needed) an Ecumenical Church Council to tell them that it is good to fast. They most certainly did not need an Ecumenical Council to tell them how to behave towards the anti-Christian, secular, hedonistic and amoral world which has been forced upon them. They do not need their bishops to preach to them about the so-called human rights of minorities as they are already deaf from the chorus of preaching from the media in their own countries. They did however need a SYNOD to discuss the scandal of the divided calendars and the encroaching imperialism of the USA-sponsored Phanar onto their congregations. Perhaps after this fiasco is over we can finally have that synod?

We Orthodox in the West look with hope and expectation Russia and her Church to stand firm in the Faith and not waver under the temptations of the modern world. In fact, Christians of all denominations in the West are increasingly looking to Russia as the only country today that does not treat them like ‘backward’ imbeciles in need of re-education: Slava Rossii !