The Austrian oligarchy won, but this is not the end



I think that Hofer’s loss is the result of the total mobilization of the Austrian establishment, the so-called "swamp".

On the one hand, the candidate from the Green Party, Alexander Van der Bellen, was supported by the financial oligarchy and was actually supported by all Austrian political parties except the Freedom Party of Austria itself.

Therefore, Alexander Van der Bellen was an overwhelming enemy, and we have been facing him during the whole campaign.

The candidate of the Freedom Party of Austria, Norbert Hofer, was weakened by a very smart media campaign against him. The mainstream media portrayed him as a Nazi despite the fact that he is just an ordinary patriot.

In my opinion, when you look at the results of the election from an objective angle, then you can say that we witnessed the last rebellion of the Austrian establishment, the “swamp”, against the new forces of patriotism and against the people, who actually want the end of Islamization of Europe and the end of American hegemonic domination over our country. This may be their last triumph. This is the last triumph, because now they are facing a lot of problems themselves.

Alexander Van der Bellen was elected by such a large amount of Austrian citizens not because he is an ideal candidate or because the majority of Austrians are in favor of globalization. Van der Bellen won the presidential elections because he was the candidate preventing Norbert Hofer from becoming president.

Hofer was portrayed nearly as the devil himself and there was a strong brainwashing effort to force Austrians to vote against him.

For example, the media used a Holocaust survivor against Hofer. They put her in front of the camera and forced her to say that when she sees Norbert Hoffer, he reminds her of Adolf Hitler. They were also saying that if Hoffer would become president, then our economy would crash down, and many other lies like that. This is the reason why Norbert Hofer lost and the establishment won at this moment.

I don't see this event in a dramatic way. This is just the poetry of the moment in Austrian politics.

In my opinion, the next few years will actually show the Austrian people that Alexander Van der Bellen is just a part of the establishment. The fact that he won the election will only lead to even more unrest among ordinary Austrians.