Anti-Russian hysteria¸ to seize Libya's oil


The British newspaper The Telegraph has thrown into the media space another anti-Russian misinformation about the alleged “presence” in Libya of “mercenaries from Russia”.

What is interesting: The Telergaph newspaper itself writes directly that the allegations about “hundreds of mercenaries” of the “Russian PMC Wagner” in Libya are based on rumors.

Nevertheless, the newspaper draws far-reaching conclusions from false rumors.

 The newspaper claims that the “mercenaries from Russia” support the Commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, in operations against terrorists in Libya in order to ensure the “economic expansion” of Moscow in Africa.

The Telergaph argues that Russia wants to prevent the West from controlling the flow of Libyan oil that goes to Europe.

Similar fake news, soaring from the newspaper pages of foggy Albion, fly in flocks in the vast media of different countries.

Recall that in 2011, Britain, the United States and other countries, members of the NATO criminal alliance, began a treacherous aggression against the independent sovereign Libyan Jamahiriya to neocolonize the rich natural resources of the country, which 50 years ago, the Libyan people, supporting the FATEH revolution, regained. This aggression continues to this day. The country that has become one of the most developed in the Arab world during the years of the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi has been completely ravaged, part of its territory is in the hands of terrorist gangs. These terrorists are funded and armed by the NATO alliance and their satellites in the Arab world.

Moreover, all the billions of Libyan Jamahiriya frozen in 2011 by the West and intended for international development projects are under the control of the United States and its allies and are used by them to enrich themselves.

 Oil fields, oil pipelines and terminals are actually under the control of Western companies.

The government of the puppet of Sarraj in Tripoli is under their control.

It is confirmed that the Western media, first and foremost Anglo-Saxon, is tasked with spreading fakes and false speculation to blacken Russia and defame its growing influence on the processes of a peaceful political settlement in Libya.

But the Libyan patriots, who are preparing honest and open presidential and parliamentary elections in the country under the aegis of the UN, well understand which of the countries, external players on the Libyan chessboard, consistently advocates intra-Libyan peace dialogue. Citizens of Libya see well who wants to impose their corrupt puppets on the Libyan people, who don't give a damn about the national interests of the Libyan people.

There is such an eye disease - CATARACT! And only those suffering from this disease do not see that the anti-Russian, anti-Libyan poisonous fog is part of the same criminal Anglo-Saxon colonial policy of "divide and rule!".