American-style cleaning: Trump sends out "millions of illegal immigrants"


From next week, US migration and customs police begin to expel millions of “illegal immigrants" from the country

If the US President Donald Trump succeeds in this, he will indeed go down in history, with a plus sign. As the host of the White House announced today in his favorite Twitter, next week the US immigration and customs police begin the process of deportation from the country of millions of illegal migrants who "will be sent as quickly as they came." At present, according to clearly underestimated estimates, 12 million people are illegally in the United States, mostly from Latin American countries, which is a challenge for the American state.

Trump also reported on the readiness of Guatemala, one of the countries of origin and transit of "illegal immigrants", to sign an asylum agreement for third-country nationals, which provides for obtaining asylum by migrants in the state of their first entry. The other day, the United States, under the threat of the introduction of draconian tariffs on exports from Mexico, toughened this country, through which illegal migrants from all of Latin America penetrate the United States, of immigration laws. In recent years, migrant flows from the south, huddling in huge “caravans”, have increased many times and are already really threatening the national security of the United States.

The US President is worried about the Congress, where the democrats who condone illegal migration, expecting to get cheap labor, future voters, more minorities as a counterweight to the old white middle class and, under the pretext of terrorism and crime created by migrants, are strong to introduce a police state and disarm Americans . Trump, however, has no doubt that if the Congress, whose upper chamber is controlled by the Republicans, approves the migration reform, the “border crisis will end soon.”

The situation is better

Nevertheless, the situation is already much better than it was when Trump, despite the sabotage of the Democrats of the House of Representatives and the judicial system under the control of the judiciary, tightly tackled the migration problem. First of all, Washington was able to discipline the governments of Central American countries, which openly condoned the illegal migration that enriched them.

According to the new agreements with Mexico, now "asylum seekers" will be in this country while the US authorities are considering their documents. Mexico will also deploy units of the National Guard on the southern border and will start a real fight against human trafficking groups. Other agreements have been reached between Washington and Mexico, which have not yet been made public.

Having harnessed Mexico on the hook of indefinite punitive customs duties, Trump therefore declares now the start of "excellent cooperation" with Mexico City, "which has not happened for many decades."

The President of the United States, however, warned that “if for some strange reason it turns out to be wrong, we can always return to our previous, very advantageous position of introducing trade duties.” But he does not think it will be necessary. Trump is confident that now the Mexicans "will cooperate very actively, and they want everything to be done properly."

The agreements reached with Mexico, counts US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will allow "to stop the wave of illegal migration across our southern border and make our border strong and safe."

The most important thing in them, we repeat, is that now those who illegally cross the more than 3,200-kilometer US-Mexican border (legally 350 million people do it every year) in search of "asylum" will be sent back to Mexico, where they can Expect consideration of their requests in more Spartan conditions than in the USA According to the Mexican Ministry of Internal Affairs, this year the country faced a sharp increase in the number of migrants seeking to get into the US from the countries of Central America, the Caribbean and other regions. We are talking about 300 thousand people only for the first quarter of this year.

It is worth noting that most recently podzuzhivaemye globalists Central American countries in general tried to blackmail the United States to create in America a new "Balkan route" or pay in return 30 billion dollars in the pockets of the local kleptocracies.

Why is this so serious?

In response, the Trump administration announced its intention to deprive Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador of any financial assistance. On the eve, she revised this decision as too radical. As a result, financial assistance was reduced by 200 million (out of more than 600 million) dollars and will not increase until these countries take measures to reduce the number of migrants. Funding will remain only for previously approved projects and grants that pursue a goal, according to State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus, to help local governments "take measures to protect the US border and counter transnational organized crime."

Concern about this problem by US officials is understandable. It is not only that among the "asylum seekers" there are many criminals who are not going to live and work honestly in the United States. After all, it is also a matter of national security: at one time, the United States ottorli huge territories from Mexico just after the North American settlers settled on them. This story can now be repeated in a kind of creeping manner if you continue to ignore this problem. In addition, it is also a question of money.

The federal budget for 2019 provides for the maintenance of a total of 52,000 detained “illegal immigrants” - almost six times less than the figure provided by the Mexican Ministry of the Interior in the first quarter of this year alone. Despite the rather harsh conditions of detention and strict regime in more than 600 temporary accommodation centers for illegal immigrants, each of them costs the state $ 126 a day. In 2017, 1.4 billion dollars was allocated from the federal budget for these purposes.

It is clear that there is not enough of such housing for all illegal immigrants. Preparing for the meeting of "caravans of refugees" before reaching an agreement with Mexico, Trump promised to create for them an actual concentration camp in the border areas: "We will not build buildings that will cost millions of dollars, we will have tents." And surrounded by barbed wire, so that their inhabitants do not run away. The calculation was based on the fact that the majority of participants in the "invasion" in the United States quickly changed their mind and wanted to return home.

Trump himself admonished them, despite the protests of human rights defenders manipulated by globalists: “Please come back, you will not be allowed into the United States unless you use official procedures ...”. The fact that these economic migrants, interspersed with numerous criminal elements intending to rob, kill, rape and sell drugs in the USA, hiding behind children, have already violated the laws of at least several countries, do not care about “human rights activists”. And they consider Trump, who is trying to enforce the laws of his country, a freak and a criminal. And if he were more impressionable, he would have been ill for a long time from the hatred that liberals and leftists feel for him, behind which are the “philanthropist” George Soros, globalists and very often the US “Deep State”.