African Dictators You Might Not Know About


Today we want to tell about some dictators of modern times, the history of which can become a clear indication that uncontrolled power corrupts a person.

Farouk of Egypt: one of the fattest dictators who died of gluttony

The heir to the famous Egyptian Pasha, Muhammad Ali, went down in history as the fattest king of modern times. In the last years of his life, his weight was about 150 kg.

The greatest passion in the life of Farouk I was food, which eventually killed him. Right before his death, he managed to ate seven chickens, a glazed ham, a lobster, a side dish of rice and baked potatoes, several chocolate eclairs, wine, a few cups of coffee and ended dinner with a Hawaiian cigar ... After which he fell down dead right in the restaurant.

Up to sixteen years, the Egyptian prince grew up in isolation, within the walls of the royal palace. One of his entertainments in those days was to collect erotic cards. This was the hobby of his whole life, and after death, he left a huge collection of pornography. The dictator had many other passions like collecting red cars, precious stones, labels from razor blades and ... beautiful women.

Despite the rumors that the king suffered from erectile dysfunction, Farouk I became famous for numerous love affairs. Besides two official wives, the Egyptian lord seduced many beautiful ladies with courtship and expensive gifts. Among the pearls of his collection were a British writer Barbara Skelton and an Italian opera prima  Irma Capece Minutolo.  The last claimed that she married the former King in 1957.

Another passion of the Egyptian king was kleptomania. Living in wealth, he still invariably stole various objects everywhere. The rumor ascribes to him even the stolen clocks of Sir Winston Churchill. Also, Faruk First loved gambling in casinos and spending money in strip clubs ...

In politics, the Egyptian dictator had no special victories, although in the first years of his rule he was popular. He came out with a tough stance towards London, resolutely opposing the joint administration of Sudan with Britain. For this, he subsequently received the title of "King of Egypt and Sudan".

Farouk was said to be condemned for his corrupt and ineffectual governess. After a failed war with young Israel, the monarchy of Egypt came to an end. The CIA organized a coup - the operation to overthrow dictator's government was eloquently called "Project FF" or "Fat Fucker".

After the overthrow, the Egyptian monarch lived in Europe, rolling his considerable wealth in bars and casinos. Naturally, making many mistresses and working with European mafiosi.

The history remembered Farouk I as one of the most absurd dictators, whose actions and hobbies became objects of curiosity and ridicule.

Bokassa: cannibal and infanticide

Born in Central Africa, the son of a village chief, Jean-Bédel Bokassa was one of 12 kids in the family. His strange name is the result of a misunderstanding that occurred because of misreading the name of one of the Catholic saints in the calendar. Later, He himself became a heavy "misunderstanding" of his native land.

Bokassa's father was shot by the French colonial authorities, after which his mother committed suicide. His relatives prepared him to become a priest, but he went to the French army. He fought on the fronts of the Second World War, then for the colonial power of the French in Indochina. Later, Bokassa retired with the rank of captain.

By the time the independence of the native land came along, the newly-formed Central African Republic had gained statehood. The country had its own army, in which Bokassa soon received colonel's epaulets. And then he became the chief of staff of the armed forces. It was quite easy because the President of yesterday's colony was the future dictator's cousin. Subsequently, he recalled that he had placed Bokassa in such a position because he considered him dumb and not dangerous. In vain ...

As a result of the armed coup, Bokassa overthrew his relative and declared himself a life president. Then he headed the only party in the country - the Movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa. An ambitious dictator decides to join a united socialist family. At first, he became friends with Yugoslavia, and then with the USSR. He even managed to visit Moscow. However, Soviet observers noted some strange things. In particular, the Soviet cook assigned to him discovered that the guest brought with him ... human flesh! Yes, Bokassa, despite the so-called progressiveness was a cannibal. Usually, he preferred to eat his political opponents.

Following the pattern of the countries of the Eastern European socialist camp, Bokassa established the Union of Central African States. The Union included the Congo and Chad in addition to the CARs itself. But the fascination with the advanced ideas of Marxism soon passed. Bokassa met Muammar Gaddafi. Libyan leader's personality so much fascinated Bokassa by his personality that he decided to embrace Islam. he adopted Islam with a new name - Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa. However, friendship with the teaching of the "prophet" of the Central African dictator did not last long either. Suddenly he was struck by the thought of becoming an emperor. At the same time, he wanted to be crowned as surely as magnificent and pathetic as Napoleon Bonaparte once did. Therefore, it was necessary to return to Catholicism, because Bocasse wanted the Pope himself to place the crown on his head ...

Of course, no Roman pope came to the coronation of the son of a village headman.  Despite this annoying fact, Bokassa ordered seven tons of flowers, more than five thousand liveries and six hundred tailcoats, 25,000 bottles of Burgundy, 40,000 bottles of champagne, 10,000 table silver appliances, an orchestra of 120 people, six dozen cars, butlers, and showmen straight from colonial France to the "imperial capital"... And of course, the luxurious crown. The price for this and all other attributes for the coronation cost the state treasury twenty million dollars...

But citizens could endure even such wastefulness of their newly appeared "emperor". Patience burst only when the ruler ordered all schoolchildren to wear a classic school uniform with Bokassa's image on them. With just one clarification that the parents needed to purchase an expensive European-ish form for their children themselves. The poor inhabitants of the "empire" simply could not financially afford such a burden on the family budget. Therefore, it is not surprising that people have hastened.

The peaceful procession of the desperate black people turned into a spontaneous riot. However, the cruel tyrant suppressed it with particular rigidity: Bokassa ordered the arrest of children and youth. Emperor's forces detained and took to a prison one hundred of kids. Bokassa allegedly participated in the massacre, appearing at the jail and beating some of the children to death with his cane. But that wasn't enough, The dictator killed another hundred of kids in his palace, by running them over with his car.

This massacre filled the cup of patience of the French curators who overthrew Bokassa with the help of special services. For a long time, the tyrant lived abroad. But after a while, he decided to triumphantly return to his home, where he was arrested and brought to trial. However, as many vile people for the committed bloody crimes the dictator received a relatively mild punishment, and even was released ahead of schedule.

Idi Amin, the illiterate master of fish and animals

The dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin, was the son of a nurse and a certain converted Catholic. Soon after the birth of the son, the mother left the family, preferring to wander around the country, earning a living by witchcraft ...

Specific views of parents seriously affected the worldview of Amin, who grew up as a physically very strong child. Following his father, he chose Islam, but, contrary to the overwhelming majority of fellow believers, remained illiterate for the rest of his life. In his ignorance, he hated Christians with his whole soul. In his policy, he always relied on a small Muslim population, which was just over 10% of Ugandans. It was no accident that in 1977 he personally shot the archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi for signing a petition against anti-Christian terror.

With the attainment of adulthood, Amin went to serve in the British army. Then he took part in punitive expeditions of the royal troops against black people - in Kenya, Somalia, and native Uganda. From the first days of service, Amin showed coolness, cruelty and remarkable strength. Thanks to these qualities, he actively promoted the career ladder, having risen to the rank of lieutenant. Amin also did a lot of sports, competing in boxing, swimming and rugby. In those years, colleagues noticed his carnal appetite. At each new place, a new "sister" was discovered in his tent. Many girls were there not at their own will, but as a "trophy".

With Uganda's independence, Amin moves to serve in the country's emerging armed forces. He skillfully uses conflicts between politicians and is engaged in behind-the-scenes intrigues. Due to this, he achieves the rank of major general and appointed to the army commanders. Amin tries to hire exclusively Muslims in the army in order to rally around him a loyal force. Then he organizes a coup, after which he orders to kill about seven dozen officers suspected of not sympathizing the new leader.

Then begins a short, only 8 years, the era of Amin's reign. With all the power, the dictator began to solve problems with the help of mass repressions. He so succeeded in this that the local hydroelectric power plant several times failed, because the bodies of the repressed were stuck in the water pipes ...

Idi Amin was also a supporter of ethnocide. He ordered within 90 days to get out of the country  55 thousand Indian and Pakistani merchants. The killings, motivated by ethnic, political, and financial factors, continued throughout Amin's eight years in control. Ugandan tyrant, by the way, revered Hitler for his ideological inspiration and even wanted to put a monument to him. But Soviet advisers did not allow this (Immediately after coming to power, the dictator could not enlist the support of Britain and Israel, after which the Ugandan Fuhrer had to seek support from the USSR).

Amin did not forget the coldness of the West, taking revenge on the royal court by proclaiming himself "Conqueror of the British Empire" and "the king of Scotland". And subsequently declaring war on the US - America, by the way, did not react to this attack, which allowed the Ugandan leader to declare himself the winner in a day. However, the United Kingdom and the United States suspended the payment of Uganda multi-million dollar loans. Еhat finally destroyed the economy of the country.

However, even this circumstance did not stop Amin from rewarding himself with the new title. His full self-bestowed title ultimately became: "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSOMC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular".

Like any self-respecting African dictator, Amin practiced cannibalism, eating and storing his enemies in the refrigerator. He also shared the sensations that human meat is saltier than leopard meat and confirmed that in war it is not forbidden to eat wounded comrade, in order to survive ....

Go Amin has established a strong friendship with Muammar Gaddafi, as well as the Palestine Liberation Organization. So sturdy that when the latter hijacked a civilian plane with the Israelis aboard Amin helped them. He allowed them to land a plane at the airport in Uganda and from there dictate the conditions to Tel Aviv. But the Israeli special services were able to beat the Ugandan despot. They carried out a brilliant operation to free the hostages and simultaneously destroyed all Ugandan air force planes. They managed to release all but one elderly lady. Subsequently, the tyrant ordered to kill her.

Amin's friendship with the USSR ended after he attacked Tanzania, with whom Moscow had an alliance. Without serious support, opposition crushed Ugandan army and overthrown the regime. The tyrant shamefully fled to Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003 in a hospital next to his seventh wife. The other dictator's wives were less fortunate. Some of them died under strange circumstances, some were injured or mutilated ...

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