Adventures of John Kerry


American killing machinery always makes sure that the most important (formally important) posts in the state are given to obscure people – that makes sure that they will never interfere their jobs and they will never follow the Constitution, laws, both domestic and international, but will follow the interests of the groups who have power over the state apparatus. It is highly recommended to have the individuals elected who are obeying and not asking – even if they have to work against the constitution, laws, own citizens and other people all over the Globe. 

Kerry in Jerusalem

Several years ago, John Kerry was in charge for pushing forward the solution of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is euphemism for a heavy occupation of Palestine by Jewish Zionist state. 

The synchronization of global mainstream media machinery and US war machinery has been following the US officials in all of their actions worldwide. It usually means that media may produce the false flag operations in order to help US military actions to develop toward the plans of sick US elites and to accomplish their distorted understanding of whatever. The concept of “peace talks” conducted by US Secretary of State did not mean that those are really talks and and that they should be topped by settling peace. 

Global mainstream media have the task to blur the reality or help to general public accept American sick plans for the world. As being vanguard of killing machinery, media create pressure and “give signs” to extremist groups – if they are well organized they will see the sign and act accordingly; if they are just someone's instruments, they will be triggered unconsciously to violence – the outcome is the same.  

It appears that there is always some inner logic of cause and consequence between pace talks and illegal Israeli settlements construction on the Palestinian territory. It was not so obvious before. Since John Kerry has been posted Secretary of State, lot of stupidity of American foreign policy appeared on the surface. And it is not for the first time. Is it because he lack diplomatic approach, although he is the main country's diplomat? Is it because he has clear instructions from the beginning to say one thing and do another?

John Kerry was not something important before the engagement to be the main negotiator in so-called “peace talks” in Jerusalem, between Palestine and Israel. He was not noticed for a long time, no matter what important role he had in the US Government. He gained world's public image by coming 6 times in the Middle East in 6 months in 2013. He was legitimized as “serious” politician and diplomat by giving him to deal with one of the most sensitive problems in international relations. Just to ideal – media promoted him as serious and diplomatic, before the “talks” even started. The outcome showed something different, but who would remember that now?

US initiative for peace talks led by John Kerry came only months after Palestine got the chair in the UN (November 2012). John Kerry and his activity designers (he is not one who arranges his day, that is for sure) wanted to start another set of useless and false peace talks to low the importance of the Palestinian sit in the UN, since US was against, but then it suddenly was chosen to conduct the talks. 

Every time when UN or some other international body makes some decision which US is against, US wages war, starts blurring the real situation and produces reality according the need of those who are building Greater Middle East, against all the natural and historical set up, trying to artificially create reality toward Zionist mythomania.  

Every interference of US in The Middle East means some destruction. It directly undermines  international bodies, norms, resolutions. Since the beginning of his activities in false peace talks in 2013, Kerry has been clear that no talks will happen and no peace will be achieved. His language and approach to the problem had clearly showed what was on his agenda: to dissolve even more the relationship between Gaza Strip and The West Bank. Settlements issue always appears in the first perspective when the peace talk should start and they (USA, IOF...) knew that it would made a gap between Gaza attitude and West Bank attitude - they use repeatedly the old Roman rule "divide and conquer".

John Kerry's adventure and the false peace talks in 2013 also brought a “new quality” - from then,  "good cop (Israel), bad cop (USA)" roles were switched between the two (from then, Israel has been a bad cop and still is). The new model was promoted in the background of “peace talks”, symbolically held in Jerusalem, disputed area, which Israel openly steals, on the eyes of the whole world and USA is protecting its criminal behavior by deploying entire state machinery to defend the criminal Zionist state. 

Although US declared Israeli settlements illegal, as they really are by international law, it does not stop it to send its high ranked state official to give an alibi to the criminals who steal houses, land, destroy everything, burn historical sites which show the real situation from cultural, ethnic and religious perspective, extract water from The Dead Sea, kill children, elderly, men, women, because they might be dangerous sometimes. While Israeli occupational forces are dangerous all the time.  

But all the cowards always scream that someone is attacking them, while the situation is vice versa. 

Heavily armed Israeli soldiers kill unarmed people claiming that unarmed people might endanger them sometimes. This sick logic was supported and backed financially, militarily, diplomatically by high US officials. One of them is John Kerry.

On the other side, Israel conducts the same policy toward the States – blackmailing US administration by different kind of blackmails – so the chain reaction shows who is who in American-Israeli relations. It appears that poor John Kerry is another human puppet brought in the middle of the problem, not in order to solve it (because he is not capable, anyway), but in order to play in political and diplomatic theatre, because that is all he knows about politics and diplomacy. 

And when those kind of serious situations lack the reaction from the UN, it is more then obvious that the campaigns are orchestrated, the problems are misused without any intention to be solved, and suddenly, anonymous, not very skilled politician and low level diplomat is promoted to the problem solver and main negotiator for every hard core problem around the Globe. 

That is why Jerusalem peace talks in 2013 were about. Promoting Kerry and legitimize further construction of illegal and illegitimate Jewish settlements on the Palestinian soil.

Kerry in Ukraine

Not long after the failure of Jerusalem “peace talks” Kerry was sent to another boiling point. He showed in Jerusalem that he can make two problems out of one. Ukraine was an ideal place for that kind of character – to create not two, but as many as possible problems imported by lunatics and their twisted understanding of world politics and international relations. 

The same mainstream media campaigns used the same pattern of interference. Irresponsible and incompetent people were brought again to, first to make, and then to resolve problems. Both John Kerry and Victoria Nuland, who joined him in Ukraine adventure, are good in multiplying the problems and perfect for producing chaos. Since Ukraine is not an independent country, but the asset of Atlantists' global elite, it was not much of a problem for Kerry to continue adventuring there.

Kerry's Ukrainian adventure showed that he is capable to make even more confusion – is it even important to try to understand the mind of a stupid man whose role is not to interfere in his own job? 

His approach to Ukrainian chaos showed also that chaos is the only environment he may operate in. 

The US government is obliged to conduct financial oligarchs' agenda in Ukraine and that is all. Was it important to bring mercenaries, smuggle weapons, coordinate the fighters from the Middle East and Ukraine – Black Waters, Right Sector, Jubhat al-Nusra, Daesh, Azov – that is all the same. Apart of economic and war caused migrations, there are also migrations of mercenaries from the Middle East to the East of Ukraine. John Kerry and Victoria Nuland make sure that they are transferred safe and well to all the spots on the Globe where US and Israel are waging wars in order to change world map – and not only map, but the past, history, archaeology, everything.

There was an Irish writer George Bernard Shaw who wrote once: “Beware of false knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance”. John Kerry is a good example for this Shaw's observation. His wandering around only shows that he can not solve anything, because, he is not even ignorant, he is trained by false knowledge. And that is why his presence in Ukraine is more than dangerous. Having in mind Ukrainian puppet Government led by obscure person like Petro Poroshenko is, it all makes sense. 

Financial elites wage wars, conflicts, protests, coloured revolutions – and the same people who started them, appear to solve them. At the same time, proliferations of illegally armed people, loads of weapons and other equipment is supervised and protected by those who maintain all the sensitive  toponyms worldwide. US Department of State can not explain, in most of the cases, how it happens that US weapons finishes in the “wrong” hands. This time not only weapons, but entire country is in the wrong hands. And, there is no reason to believe that this time, John Kerry's adventure would result with some reasonable outcome. 

Kerry in Syria

When someone is a part of bloodthirsty, killing machinery, it is not enough to be engaged just in one, two or three conflicts. There must be a synchronization of destruction. Like psychologically disturbed person who has some fixations and can not deal with them – that is how US and Israel have sick fixations about the Middle East. They have a long term plan of destroying The Middle East as it has been for centuries in order to make a Greater Middle East which is tailored made for Zionist necrophiliac ideology. 

It became obvious in Syria that there is no any difference between US and Israel. In some very sick and strange way it was always obvious that there is synchronisation of mercenaries, US funded terrorist groups, US undercover CIA groups, Israeli Mossad groups, Israeli hospitals, human organs trade, from Kosovo to Syria, with Israeli medical doctor as the main extractor of organs from half living humans. Benjamin Netanyahu even paid the visit to wounded terrorist who had been recovering in Israeli hospitals. 

The civil war is a good way to concentrate legal and illegal capital. The war that was waged in Syria, against legally elected government showed the same pattern like in Iraq and Libya. But, short-sighteded US elite and their puppet, Secretary of State, John Kerry did not see a remarkable difference – while destroying Libya and Iraq, hoping that their seeds of evil and destruction would spread more, did not notice that no one is staying aside and waiting for them to come to drop bombs or to infiltrate Black Waters (Akademi) or some other disturbed individuals who lost sense of existence in futile Western societies. Although US and its allies did all that, but they did not count on mutual resistance and synchronized resistance to the evil, necrophiliac elites, by Iran, Russia and China.

By multiplying the humans as robotic soldiers within independent foreign country, US showed again that it is not an real state. Again, it is clearly shown that predecessors of today's American elites or white citizens, in general, are: thieves, prostitutes, killers, assassins, crooks, insane priests and all those who were excess in Old Europe, so old Europe had sent them to the New World to do whatever they like, but not to destroy European states. 

The situation in Syria shows that US officials are best in blackmailing, stealing, killing, play double or triple games – they would ally with devil in order to achieve its disturbed plans for the future of the world. Like real progeny of their great-grandfathers, expelled from Europe.

Apart of that, John Kerry showed that him and his cabinet are very ignorant about history of Syria and The Middle East in general, apart of not being skilled diplomats and politicians. He lacked consistency in decisions, plans and solutions offered. Either that, or it was never meant to conduct consistent policy and John Kerry is a perfect puppet for that constantly changing views, approaches and standpoints. 

What does it mean Syrian opposition? Which terrorist organizations are US allies? Which are not? Why US has allies among terrorists? What, then, war against terror really means? How US weapons always finish in the “wrong hands”? Why US has problems with Bashar al-Assad, legitimate and legal Syrian president, but it does not have problems with illegal Israeli occupation of Golan Heights – what sense does it make? If there is no respect for international law in one situation, what norms of international law should be followed in some other sense – in the same country, on the same soil? US is trying to overthrow legal government and cooperates with country (Israel), made on deception, falsified documents and other people's blood, which at the same time illegally occupies the part of the country where US want to overthrow legal president? What is the logic? Of Prosac? Much of fast food during the day which kills braincells? Big pharma products to boost concentration? Or just a lack of any human and moral value, combined with sick need for more dollars? As if it would help him not to disappear once. 

Next John Kerry's possible adventures

South Sudan is on fire – lots of oil there, American economy collapsed, good way to fill in the military budget (for US and for Israel).

Afghanistan / Kosovo  – poppy fields are under the supervision of US Armed Forces – production can not stop – heroin is a good source of illegal money. Bondsteel is a biggest heroin warehouse in Europe, US military planes bring heroin from Afghanistan and Albanians are dealing it all over Europe. 

Someone from US Goverment has to take care about those lucrative business. And John Kerry, adventurer he is.