Abdullah and quantum physics


Abdullah was a small guy no older than 14 and living with his brother and his parents in a farmhouse near the town of Jableh. He was on the way with his brother to take a final exam when the largest terrorist bombing since the beginning of the war in Syria, in terms of size and number of victims, took place in Jableh. I would not be exaggerating by saying that the number of martyrs reached hundreds, with hundreds wounded as well. The point to which we have to pay attention is the great hatred which we can observe in the way that the bombing was so “carefully” conceived and planned so as to kill the largest number of people in a way at least I had never heard of before. Perhaps neither Syrians nor others living outside of Syria have ever heard of such methods of planning to kill people. I am from Jableh and I lived through the suffering of this bombing, and I would like to apologize in advance for all the details which I will mention. I hope readers will understand.

The site of the bombing was chosen where a number of people gather for buses transporting ordinary people to and from the city of Jableh. The first incident was a car which exploded in the midst of the gathered people and buses. The destruction was awful and its effects stretched to all corners of the blast era, with fragments packed within the explosive killing and injuring the largest number of people. The site of the bomb was located east of the electricity directorate and west of the entrance to the city of Jableh. After the bombing, people came from both the eastern and western districts to see the effects of the explosion. Having plenty of experience of explosions in our country, people then kept their distance far from the first explosion in anticipation of a second one. Unfortunately, they could not succeed, because the terrorists had planned this process very “carefully.” A suicide bomber veered towards the East and blew himself up in front of the electricity directorate while yet another suicide bomber headed West and blew himself up near the entrance of the city. The fourth bombing, which no one could have expected, was when a suicide bomber followed those injured to the hospital of Jableh and blew himself up in the emergency department.

Does this "creativity" in murdering these innocent people not mean something? Perhaps when I described terrorism in a previous article as a cancerous tumor, this was much less harsh than the act itself. To understand this, one must see the facts and the real scene, this strange hatred, which humanity has not recognized before. Those who are planning, ordering, and using these ignorant human puppets are the real orchestrators of this human carnage which is unacceptable for everyone and any society which has minimal human values. And, of course, this is unacceptable in the world in which we live. We as individuals and communities form the parts by which the universe is formed. Everything from the electron to the largest thing in this world is an energy field, as are all we. As parts of the overall energy field, the universe, we influence it and are influenced by it. We send our messages through this universe and receives its responses. Quantum physics teaches that the human body consists of 99.999999999 % vacuum and 0.000000001 matter. This vacuum is full of energy, information, and our thoughts and emotions which are permanently embedded in the universe, which has its own consciousness just like we do.

I do not only think, but I am sure, that the universe which receives these feelings and sufferings sent by those oppressed people will send a response back to us. What I mean by “us” is not only Syrians, but the whole world which either supports terrorism or is simply observing it and cannot hear the screams and groans of its Syrian victims. The same part of the world which knows how to plan for terrorists and supply them with all their needs, even those types of drugs used by suicide bombers which affect the pineal gland in the center of brain which consequently makes them feel in a state of absolute bliss while they kill themselves and innocent people. This part of the world knows how to kill with the help of modern science. But the universe will soon have its say. What i fear is that the response of the universe will be harsh to the point of affecting everyone, even the righteous ones among us.

The intensity of the electromagnetic wave which we send to the universe is strongly related to the accompanying emotions. When an emotion is stronger in humans, then the response from the universe will be swifter, and when people come to gather and send the same message all together, the universe’s response time only quickens. Quantum physics or quantum philosophy is no longer a fiction, but a real science practiced by many people who are able to achievement much by understanding this science.

Abdullah, the child who died in the terrorist explosion in Jableh several days ago, spent the following days in a hospital in Latakia before he died. When I visited his father to share my condolences, the suffering parent told me a story related to quantum physics. The people who were digging Abdullah’s grave told the father that it would rain. The suffering, grieving parent, devastated by the fate of his sons (the first, Abdullah, died as a martyr, while the second, two-years older, suffered many injuries and multiple fractures) told the gravediggers that he wished the ground would be white. Within ten minutes, the sky had sent down some sort of white, frozen granules which covered the earth in a white blanket. God bless the martyr Abdullah and all the martyrs who are still sending more messages to the universe. Perhaps our hearts will become white too.