WHO pushes for abortions in Catholic Latin America

The World Health Organization called for the use of contraception in countries with the Zika virus, and said that women who could become pregnant and feared infection should have access to emergency contraception and pregnancy counseling.”Emergency contraception” is a reference to the abortive morning-after pill and “pregnancy counseling services”, can be understood as including abortion services. Both recommendations contradict  the long-term teachings of the Catholic Church.

According to the organization, the increase in the number of children born with microcephaly during the current outbreak of the virus in Latin America is particularly alarming. Currently, the virus covers 23 countries in Central and South America.
The Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes, is a disease previously not known to the Western Hemisphere. It is believed that it was introduced to South America during the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 from Africa or Oceania from a popular and artificial version of the virus. Proponents of this view link the spread of the virus with the global elite hatching plans to reduce the population of the Earth.

Globalist Malthusianism

For the first time, there is the idea to reduce the world's population; an uncontrolled growth may lead to a shortage of resources, which was proposed in the late XVIII century by English scientist and clergyman, Thomas Malthus. The second life Malthusian theory gained momentum in the XX century. Margaret Sanger, the founder of the “International Family Planning Association, inspired his ideas. Ideas to stop population growth were put forward by various globalist structures, in particular the club of Rome.

Mosquitoes & Bill Gates

The mosquito Aedes aegypti transmits the Zika virus. In the summer of 2015, it was reported that genetically modified mosquitoes of this species were being used to fight the virus. However, the Latin American countries received an epidemic of the disease.

These mosquitoes are remarkable as they are the product of genetic engineering, from the British biotech company Oxitec. Oxford Insect Technologies and the British biotech company have developed genetically modified mosquitoes using money from the fund of Bill Gates. The first open test of transgenic mosquito species Aedes aegypti was held in the Caribbean, on the island of Grand Cayman in the autumn of 2009. However, scientists have warned that too little research had been done before mosquitoes could be released into the wild. Bill Gates has previously advocated the reduction of population growth.

A ban on having children

Countries affected by the epidemic are beginning to voice the recommendation to women to avoid pregnancy. Initiatives will also resort to introducing a two-year moratorium on pregnancy and reproductive capacities. In particular, this was said appeal by the Government of El Salvador. The authorities of Colombia and Ecuador, and Jamaica called for a temporarily stop on childbearing. In Brazil, a discussion began on the revision of strict legislation relating to abortion. Abortions in this country are permitted only in exceptional cases, such as when pregnancy is the result of rape.

It is important to note that the areas ravaged by the epidemic are ranked third in the world in terms of fertility, and if the ban on the birth rate will be fixed by law, such events can be named only as deliberate and serving the purpose of depopulation.


The spread of the Zika virus will be another opportunity to promote the globalist agenda in reducing the population of the Earth. Also, the issue will be used to change the position of the Catholic Church regarding contraception and abortion in the region where it enjoys the greatest authority - Latin America and, later, throughout the world.