The USA to restrain Russia and China on the Internet and in Space

The USA will continue to restrain Russia and will increase spending on cybersecurity. Such conclusions can be drawn from the new US budget, recently announced by the President Barack Obama. Representatives of the US intelligence community consider Russia as one of the main threats.

Material View of the Issue

The new US budget provides for more than $4.3 billion to restrain Russia. This money is allocated for military assistance to allies, as well as opposition to Russian non-military methods. About $925 million is aimed at the Department of State’s expenditure. Large sums will be spent on military intelligence (about $17 billion). Spending on cybersecurity will grow by one third to $17 billion.

Intelligence Priorities

Representatives of the US’ intelligence community agreed with Obama's priorities. The Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, who coordinates the work of all US intelligence, and the head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency of the Department of Defense, Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart, speaking on the same day in the Senate Armed Services Committee said that Russia, China, Islamic extremism and the problems of cyber security are the main threats to the United States.

Special Attention to Russia

According to the head of the US intelligence, Russia is a threat to the United States in all spheres, from the Arctic to cyberspace. The military actions of Russia in Syria, according to them, completely changed the balance of power not against the Americans. Another opposition front is Ukraine. As the cyber security, according to Americans, is threatened primarily by Russia and China, it will take everything to counteract these countries. In addition, Americans believe that Russia and China are threatening them in space.

New Cold War

The new budget and designation of Russia as the main threat by the US intelligence community demonstrates the focus of the American establishment on an active and long-lasting fight against Russia. China, like Russia, challenging US hegemony, is also recognized as an important enemy.