The US is trying to destroy the BRICS


Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parikarra arrives today on an official visit to the United States. It is expected that the politician will sign an agreement with the US on the mutual use of each other's military bases (Logistics Exchange Memorandum). This document is one of many that demonstrate the convergence between India and the US undermining the unity of the BRICS bloc. Also today, US State Secretary John Kerry will arrive in New Delhi to participate in the US-Indian Strategic Dialogue.

Indo-American rapprochement

The US is interested in weakening  BRICS as a multi-polar alternative to American hegemony. To do this, they are taking advantage of the regional conflict between India and China. Chinese penetration in the Indian Ocean region (Sri Lanka) and Nepal, China's attempts to increase its influence in Myanmar and Afghanistan, and active Pakistani-Chinese cooperation is counteracting India. In search of allies, the Indian leadership is relying on the US as an anti-China force.

The BRICS offer

Successful US efforts to create an anti-Chinese alliance with India demonstrate the need for BRICS countries to offer an alternative to American proposals and the need for China to temper its appetite in the traditional zone of Indian influence. It also shows that the only country that can build a multi-polar unit is Russia insofar as it has no serious contradictions with either India or China, but is interested in the overall development of BRICS. Russia can endorse and bring together countries whose alignment with the US is explained by their fear of China (Japan and Vietnam) and therefore establish an alternative to the US just as much as it can an alternative to Sino-centrism.