US to send additional troops to Iraq


The chief of the Pentagon said that an additional 560 US servicemen will help the government of Iraq to capture Mosul, which is still under control of the terrorists.


Logistics and the theater of war

Most of the US military will be on the air base that is 40 km south of Mosul. It is believed that this point is crucial for future operations. It is known that among the new pieces will be engineer corps, which are necessary for the restoration of bridges around Mosul destroyed by terrorists.

Mosul is the only major city in Iraq that is held by ISIS.



Barack Obama said last week that 8400 troops will remain in Afghanistan indefinitely. In Iraq, according to officials, 4647 US military are stationed, however, according to the Pentagon's leadership, there are more than 5000. Added to this should be the number of diplomats, representatives of American NGOs, and private contractors.

Greater Middle East

Given the growth of the US military, as well as the creation of the Pentagon infrastructure in Syrian Kurdistan, it is clear that Washington still intends to implement the project of the Greater Middle East, according to which the map will be changed in accordance with the plans of American strategists.