US passes bill on «Moscow’s influence»


The US House of Representatives has voted in favor of legislation, according to which an inter-ministerial committee dealing with the identification of "secret Russian influence on peoples and governments" will be created.

Apogee of political marasmus

This document, numbering 93 pages, cites the need to struggle against Russian influence throughout the world. The vast majority of the 390 House representatives voted for the bill, while only 30 were against. The commission will include representatives of the US State Department, the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Energy, the Secretary of the Treasury, and National Intelligence Agency.

Blackmailing and false accusations

The document underlines "countering active measures by Russia to exert covert influence, including exposing falsehoods, agents of influence, corruption, human rights abuses, terrorism and assassinations carried out by the security services or political elites of the Russian Federation or their proxies.”

This classification, which puts terrorist acts and influence on the same par, is a notoriously aggressive perception of the Russian Federation, which the United States is trying to impose on other countries through its political channels and media.

A dirty trick on Trump

According to the Associated Press, this bill is directed not only against Russia, but also against Donald Trump, who intends to normalize bilateral relations.

Now, the Senate must vote to adopt the legislation. The procedure is expected to last until the end of this year.