The US Military Budget: Spending Grows


American lawmakers finally agreed on a budget for the remaining five months of the 2017 fiscal year. A significant part of the money will go to the Pentagon's foreign operations.


The Pentagon will receive 598.5 billion dollars. $ 76.6 billion of this amount will be spent on Overseas Contingency Operations, which include the fight against  ISIS and other terrorist organizations.


To purchase new weapons for the army and navy, 123.6 billion dollars will be spent, of which 15.1 billion will go to weapons and military equipment for foreign operations.

About  $ 21 billion will be purchased for the US Navy. For the Air Force and Navy aircraft, 74 fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighters will be purchased for $ 8.2 billion. Billion will be spend on the purchase of 14 decked fighter-bombers Boeing F / A-18E / F Super Hornet. $ 1.8 billion will be purchased by 11 patrol anti-submarine Boeing P-8A Poseidon, 2.6 billion - for 15 military aircraft-refuelers Boeing KC-46A Pegasus, 1.3 billion - forf 17 military transport aircraft family Lockheed Martin C- 130J Hercules. Also, there are great plans for acquiring helicopters.

For research and development projects in the draft US military budget is laid 73.7 billion dollars, including 1.4 billion in foreign operations. In addition, it is recommended to spend $ 6.734 billion on developments in the field of cyberwar and cybersecurity, which is 992 million more than last year.


The draft military budget provides for a certain increase in the number of the US armed forces. The army will receive a thousand more servicemen (now it is 476 thousand). The number of the National Guard will increase by one thousand people. The Marine Corps (CMC) also will receive an additional 1,000 fighters (now in the CMC 185 thousand). At the same time, the number of Navy (323.9 thousand) is planned to be reduced by 5.3 thousand people.

The general maintenance of combat readiness of the US armed forces will cost $ 223 billion, including $ 55.4 billion in foreign operations. This includes such key elements as the flight of pilots, the training of troops, logistics, the maintenance of military bases.