US involves Georgia in the conflict with Russia


John Kerry arrives today in Georgia for an official visit. The US Secretary of State will visit Georgia and Ukraine, which applied for membership in the Alliance on the eve of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. The process of accession of these countries to NATO will not move from the position of deadlock, but the US uses both States to put pressure on Russia and the deployment of its military and intelligence infrastructure.

Official Agenda

According to official information, during the visit of Kerry a plenary session of the Charter on Strategic Partnership between the Georgia and the United States will be held, which will discuss the main directions of cooperation between the two countries in the areas of security, defense, trade, economy, culture, and dialogue between nations

The geopolitical dimension

From a geopolitical point of view, the United States continues the strategy of building a "sanitary cordon" on the borders of Russia. Eastern Europe has traditionally been considered by Anglo-Saxon geopolitics as a priority area for the building of such structures. The Caucasus and Central Asia - areas where the Great Game were allocated to the region of the "Eurasian Balkans" by Zbigniew Brzezinski, which underlines the parallelism in the geopolitics of Eastern Europe and the region. Traditionally, the US tries to take advantage from engaging in the anti-Russian games Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan until recently, thus formalizing the line to cut off Russia from the west and south of the Eurasian Rimland.

The political aspect

The main interest of the United States is to maintain its control over Georgia. After the country got rid of odious President Saakashvili, although the country’s leadership remains closely associated with the United States, it has taken a series of realistic steps aimed at improving relations with Russia. Russia, in turn, has simplified the procedure for obtaining visas for Georgian citizens and canceled the previous imposed embargo on Georgian goods. Kerry wants to prevent natural rapprochement of two Orthodox states. The prospects of the Georgian parliamentary elections scheduled for October 2016 will be discussed in context of preserving American control over the political process.

The military aspect

In May 2016, Georgia held joint exercises with NATO called Noble Partner, in which Georgia deployed US M1A2 Abrams tanks and M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. After a similar exercise in the Baltic States, Americans decided to leave the armor there. Perhaps the same fate awaits Georgia. In Georgia, NATO’s training center on the base of Vaziani had been fully functioning since 2015. Units of NATO rapid reaction forces on the territory of Georgia have been deployed since 2016. These actions by the United States once again encourages the revanchist mood of some Georgian politicians towards Abkhazia and South Ossetia in an effort to obtain a lucrative springboard for an attack on Russia.