The US fears Russia


Pentagon chief Ashton Carter asks Moscow not "interfere in Western politics."


The statement was made immediately after the Russian fighter jet intercepted a US spy plane in the Black Sea region. The White House called the actions of the Russian pilot "dangerous and unprofessional." Meanwhile, when the US plane was intercepted, the pilot immediately changed course.

Carter spoke to the students of the University of Oxford, and said that "Russia is not an enemy of the United States, but the United States will defend its allies, international order, and a positive future."

In addition, he expressed regret that the diplomats of the two countries failed to agree on Syria.

Mythical hackers

Also mentioned were the hackers who broke into the US Democratic party servers. Carter hinted that this was correlated with Russian interference in the democratic process, although there no evidence that hackers from Russia were involved in the incident.

US Cybercom is linked to the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Defense and intelligence. Carrying out such an attack is possible only if those hackers cooperate with US law enforcement agencies. Most likely, the US itself via proxy organizations (as was the case for hacking the website "Stratfor", when it was revealed that the hacker was connected with the FBI) ​ broke into Democratic party servers to test the vulnerability, and at the same time accused some of its opponents, in this case Russia.

Deciphering the message

Primarily this warning was made before Barack Obama will leave the White House. Carter will not likely keep his job after the elections.

Secondly, together with other actions of US politicians, we see an element of confusion. The US does not know how to act, so they repeat the old mantra about the "international order" and so forth.

Such fears of the American establishment can lead to unpredictable consequences, including provocation of an armed clash. It is difficult to say where and when this will happen, but given the size of the US military machine, the chances of failure are much greater than in any other country.