US and NATO troops arrive in Moldova

Yesterday, on May 3rd, a column of military equipment and troops crossed the Romanian-Moldovan border to carry out the "Dragon Pioneer 2016 "military exercise, which will be attended by about 200 American military personnel.

Moldovan opposition protests

A group of Moldovan citizens, along with several members of parliament from the opposition party tried to block the road. They are adamant that the military has not signed an international treaty between Moldova and the US Department of Defense. Also, no permission was given for the transportation of equipment and weapons, and 60% of soldiers have no military ID.

Western provocation

These exercises should be understood as another US provocation against Russia. Previously, naval maneuvers were held at the Georgian coast, where NATO troops were involved. Moldova, like Georgia, has a claim to the breakaway territories. Transnistria (TMR) hosts a military base belonging to the Russian Federation. However, it is actually landlocked, as near Ukraine there is no way to enter the territory of TMR.

Moldova is officially a neutral country, so the demonstration of military maneuvers has caused confusion among many citizens of this state. In addition, the organizers of the exercises earlier reported that on May 9th an exhibition of NATO equipment in the central square of Chisinau will take place.

The broader context

On May 2nd, the joint maneuver "Arrow 16" with Finnish army units and NATO began; it will last until May 16th.  For this purpose, offensive weapons and mechanized armor was used on Finnish soil.

In the near future, large-scale exercisers will take place in Poland and the Baltic countries. Such activity near the border of Russia shows the clearly hostile intentions of the United States and NATO, which will provoke a corresponding reaction from Moscow.