US accuses ISIS of committing genocide

Head of the US Department of State John Kerry said on Thursday that ISIS is responsible for committing genocide against Christians, Yezidis, and Shia Muslims in the territories under their control. The State Department also used such terms as "crimes against humanity" and "ethnic cleansing".

Department of State washes its hands

However, Kerry said that it does not oblige the United States to carry out any further action against the terrorists of ISIS. Calls were only made for an "independent investigation", which should be completed by the court or tribunal. In addition, the attack was made in relation to the White House: “President Obama should step up and lay out the broad, overarching plan that’s needed to actually defeat and destroy ISIS. This administration’s long pattern of paralysis and ineffectiveness in combating these radical Islamist terrorists is unacceptable" - Kerry said.

Christian lobbyists

It should be noted that the House of Representatives passed a resolution 393-0 on Monday, which recognised the atrocities of ISIS as genocide. The adoption of this resolution was lobbied by the organizations The Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians. The first group has prepared a comprehensive report, according to which 1100 Christians were killed by terrorists.
Previously, other civil society organizations have repeatedly called for action on the recognition of genocide by ISIS.

The double standards of the White House: The Darfur case and Yugoslavia

Previous recognition of genocide by the US has happened only once before - in 2004 in Sudan (Darfur conflict). The lawyers in the United States decided that the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention of Genocide does not require a country to stop the genocide that is going on outside their territory. US Secretary of State Colin Powell called for the U.N. Security Council to appoint a commission to investigate and take the appropriate legal action if it agrees with the determination of genocide. As a result, the UN Security Council urged the Sudanese authorities to cooperate actively with the African Union and to increase the peacekeeping contingent in Darfur region.

It is important to note that the conflict in Sudan begun after deposits of oil was found in Darfur, which Chinese and French companies were engaged in developing. It is significant that the United States opposed the legitimate Sudanese government, while China and France were on the side of the UN. Later, the United States initiated the partition of Sudan into two countries.

You may recall that in 1999, the US launched an aggressive military campaign against Yugoslavia, where Milosevic was accused of ethnic cleansing. NATO's campaign led to numerous victims among the civilian population, while Albanian terrorists received assistance from the United States and continued to engage in serious crimes.