United Eurasia: the Globalists' Nightmare Turns Real


This weekend in Astana, the Eurasian alternative to the Westernt World Order - SCO - has expanded and strengthened. 

What happened

India and Pakistan are officially accepted into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Iran has come close to this status. In addition to it, Afghanistan, Byelorussia, and Mongolia remain observers of the SCO, while the status of partners is in the dialoguewith Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

Thus, taking into account partnerships, alliances, trade and political rapprochement - almost all of Eurasia was in the sphere of influence of the SCO. This is a historic moment - the world has become closer to multipolarity.

Waiting for a reaction

It is to be expected that this historic event will become a red rag for the "Atlantic" bull. The Atlantic bloc has already lost many of its former spheres of influence, so we should expect an increase in anti-Russian policy and a new wave of aggression against Eurasia in the field of hybrid wars.