Unified Trident: US conducts naval drills near Iran


17 warships from the US, UK, France, and Australia have launched massive naval drills near the coast of Iran. This comes amidst Iran-US tensions and is a direct response by the US to escalation. In a certain way, it is a display of power.

War games

The UK is represented by an amphibious assault ship with 750 personnel.

French naval forces are represented by the destroyer FS Forbin, while the U.S. NAVY is represented by the destroyer ship USS Mahan. An Australian destroyer HMAS Arunta is also present. Each of these ships carried approximately 300 sailors.

China and Iran's answer

Earlier, in response to Donald Trump's decision to impose more sanctions instead of lifting the old ones (as was promised by the P5+1 agreement), Iran conducted military exercises and stated that its forces will test more missiles. The country’s officials claimed that the drills were designed to showcase the power of the Iranian armed forces.

China responded to Trump's Twitter assault on Beijing’s expansion in the South China Sea by showing its military power with the testing of a new missile.