The UN Claims to stop the Assange’s persecution

Julian Assange, the founder of the legendary Wikileaks may yield to the British police today. According to Australian journalist if the Human Rights Council makes a decision against him, he will surrender to the British police. If the UN supports him, he will ask the British government to return his passport and let out of the country. Today, on the UN Human Rights Council must decide whether Assange’s prosecution is justified. British medias report the official verdict is in his favor.

Assange Case

Julian Assange became world famous in 2009, when his Wikileaks site published hundreds of thousands US secret documents. In the future, the site began to publish many top-secret information, including diplomatic dispatches. The United States began to prosecute Assange. In 2010, the Swedish authorities began prosecuting Assange, accusing him of raping two women, citizens of the country. The journalist denies the accusations. In 2010, he was arrested in the UK at the Sweden request. In 2012, he was set free on bail and took refuge in Ecuador's embassy. In 2014, Julian Assange, he appealed to the UN Human Rights Council to recognize his prosecution illegal.

Arrest Treat

The British police said that regardless of the UN decision, it will arrest Assange and extradite him to Sweden. In that case, if it does happen, the United Kingdom demonstrate that ignores the UN decisions, which would undermine already weak authority of the international organization.

To Russia with Love?

Edward Snowden’s case, who taught Assange experience did not seek his destiny in the West, and flew to Russia, demonstrates that the only country where American hegemony mechanisms unmaskers can be safe and sound, is Russia. Will Assange go there? It is unknown, but in any case, he is welcome there.