Turkish Constitutional Referendum: Erdogan celebrates Victory


Yesterday, on April 16, a constitutional referendum was held in Turkey. Turkish citizens approved constitutional reform, which will expand presidential powers

Historical Moment

According to the results, 51% of citizens voted for the expansion of presidential powers, against expressed 48%. President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already congratulated his supporters on the victory and called their decision historic. Thus, with the adoption of amendments, Turkey begins to prepare for a change in the political system.

What will be the Changes?

After the adoption of amendments to the constitution, the President of Turkey will be able to dissolve the parliament, declare a state of emergency, appoint and dismiss ministers and judges, issue decrees, and have the right to represent the budget. Erdogan will be able to qualify for two presidential terms in a row and thus retain power until 2029.

In addition, it was proposed to restore death penalty and to limit the power of the army, which since the days of the founder of modern Turkey Kemal Ataturk actually ruled the country before Erdogan. The military also tried to make a coup d'état last year.

In connection with the abolition of the post of Prime Minister, the President will be able to concentrate in his hands the absolute power, since he will also be the head of the government. In addition, the president will be able to maintain membership in his own political party. Also, he will become Supreme Commander-in-Chief and will receive the right of veto, which can only be overcome by an absolute majority in the parliament.

Thus, the current leader of Turkey will stay in his chair for life time and do whatever he wants.


From this time Ankara have no prospects of European integration, because from the point of view of Europeans, there will be a dictatorship in Turkey.

 In addition, Erdogan's victory will mean that his positions will sharply increase, while the EU would rather prefer the opposite.

Turning Turkey from the European Union means that its destiny is towards of the Eurasian Union and better relations with Russia.