Trump won Republican nomination


Donald Trump became the official candidate for the Republican Party in the United States presidential elections. The billionaire has received more than 1,700 delegates for the vote, which is more than enough for a formal nomination. The decision was taken on the second day of the Republican convention in Cleveland (RNC). The candidate for the post of Vice-President is the current governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.

Opponents suppressed

The main outcome of the vote was the indisputable leadership of Trump. Earlier, opponents of the candidate tried to organize resistance to his nomination. Especially zealous neo-conservatives were determined on this point, but all their attempts failed. This clearly indicates the impact of the crisis of the neo-conservative movement.

Who is paired with Trump?

Governor Pence is known as a strict conservative family man, a religious Protestant opponent of abortion, homosexuality, and gender ideology in general. It will provide Trump support from those who previously voted for Ted Cruz - Protestant fundamentalists. In terms of foreign policy Pence is a strong hawk, who voted for the invasion in Iraq.

The new platform

In the new platform of the Republican Party, Trump blocked a point for selling lethal weapons to Ukraine, which was lobbied by the neocons. However, the hawks lobbied for a point about maintaining sanctions against Russia until the "restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine."