Trump and Hillary prepare for new victories

The pre-election race in the United States is ongoing. Today, April 26th, the Republican and Democratic parties will hold primaries in the five Northeastern states: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

Leaders of the race

The undisputed leader among Republicans is Donald Trump. The New York billionaire is going to receive more than 40% of the vote in all five states, which would gain him at least 100 additional electoral votes for the final meeting of the Republican Party in Cleveland on July 18-21. In total, he must acquire 392 votes in order to be nominated as the Republican presidential candidate and override Republican functionaries’ decisions.

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has the greatest chance of winning on Tuesday.

The plot against Trump

Trump’s closest rival, Texan Senator Ted Cruz, has entered into an alliance with the third participant in the party race, Ohio Governor John Kasich, in order to unite their efforts to avoid a Trump victory, which bodes a nightmare for the Republican establishment. Now the problem has reached a new level as the new allies will struggle to gain the maximum number of votes in their favor in order to defeat Trump in Cleveland by means of intrigue and machinations.

The American people are exhausted

Donald Trump is supported by voters disappointed by both the Democrats and Republicans. These voters are mostly white, “blue collar” workers who previously voted for the Democrats and traditionally make up a major part of the population In the northern industrial states. Trump’s support by such and other strata of American society demonstrates that the population is tired of the current political elite and is dissatisfied with the existing political system.