Trump accuses Obama and Clinton of creating ISIS


The Republican Party’s candidate for US President, Donald Trump, has called US President Barack Hussein Obama the founder of the ISIS terrorist network. He also called his opponent, Democratic Party candidate and former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the co-founder of the "Islamic state.”

What Trump implies

According to Donald Trump, it is Obama and Clinton’s policies in the Middle East that led to the situation of chaos in which terrorists were able to strengthen their positions and even create their own quasi-state in Syria and Iraq. In Trump’s words, this is why they should be grateful to Obama.

Overall responsibility

Trump pointed to Obama and Clinton’s support for the "Arab Spring", the initiation of the civil war in Syria, and the intervention in Libya and overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. However, it was the invasion of Iraq under George W. Bush which created the basic preconditions for the flourishing of terrorist organizations and the creation of ISIS based on the union of former officers of Saddam Hussein and Sunni radicals. Objectively, the creator of ISIS is George W. Bush in addition to Obama and Clinton, which means that the Republicans are also responsible. The real reason for the strengthening of terrorism is the interventionist foreign policy of all US administrations over the past 30 years.