The terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan: Local business and the West


In the Kazakh city of Aktobe, the highest level of a terrorist threat (red) was introduced. A day earlier, a group of extremists attacked a weapons store and a military unit. 6 people were killed. There were conflicting reports about the hostage-taking. All indications show that the scripted coup in the country is entering a new stage.


Protests in Kazakhstan started after the media published reports on amendments to the laws on the land. The information was presented in such a way that the alleged government plans to massively sell land to foreigners. These reports were later denied. However, Western intelligence networks had the opportunity to bring people to the streets and organize protests in many large cities. Aktobe was one of the centers of the recent protests against the government.

Extremist card

Despite the fact that the protesters point to the civil and peaceful nature of their actions, they are often distinguished as being aggressive towards the authorities. Radical Islamists, who have close links with banned groups like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, play the leading role in the clashes. Protests failed because the authorities took adequate measures, and the radicals moved to force provocation. It is noteworthy that in Aktobe, where there have been terrorist attacks, is close to the Russian border. Thus, the factor of Islamic extremism has declared itself in another area in the immediate vicinity of Russia.

Interested party

As often happens, the Western networks are working together with local entrepreneurs. Thus, the intelligence agencies of Kazakhstan accused the owner of the country's largest beer business - Tokhtar Tuleshov- of plotting a coup. According to security officials, the plan was made for his actions to destabilize the situation in the country through the creation of hotbeds of tension and organized protests and riots. Against this background, it is planned to form a so-called "alternative government" and change the structure of the current government