Slavic Brotherhood-2016


Joint war games have begun in Serbia with Russian and Belarusian troops.


The maneuvers are being held near Belgrade, the Serbian capital. Russian equipment and airborne forces were transferred to Serbia yesterday.

Over the course of the exercises, the landing of airplanes and helicopters, the parachuting of armored vehicles, assault on terrorist bases, reconnaissance using unmanned aerial vehicles, fire support from the air, the detention of a stolen vehicle, bomb disposal, the evacuation of wounded, and other operations will be practiced.

These exercises are continuing the cooperation between Russian airborne troops and the Special Serbian Army Brigade which began with the SREM-2014 exercises that also took place on Serbian territory.

212 troops from Russia, 26 from Belarus, and 450 from Serbia will be involved in the event.

Soft power the Russian way

The musical ensemble of Russia’s airborne forces will arrive with the group from Russia. The ensemble will perform some concerts together with the ensemble of the Ministry of Defense of Serbia for the residents of Niš and Pančevo.

In Katehon’s opinion, only with the help of Russian military forces can the most effective influence be achieved in the region. Other elements such as science, culture, education, business, and tourism can be of great importance, but exclusively as additional components.