Shocking report: Hundreds of French citizens still fighting in ISIS


The latest data on the number of European citizens fighting for ISIS has been published. First place in the number of Islamist militants is taken by France


According to French law enforcement agencies, about 30,000 foreigners fought in the ranks of this banned terrorist organization in 2015. Thanks to the operations of Russian Aero-Space Forces and the Syrian Army, today their number has fallen to 12,000. 3,000 of them are citizens of EU member-states. France’s share numbers more than 700 people.

The real threat

In other words, even official law enforcement agencies recognize that, at any moment, seasoned, well-prepared militant fanatics - whose only goal is the establishment of a global Salafist Caliphate and the destruction of all who disagree with them - could come to France.

But according to their inert liberal thinking, these militants cannot be detained at the border, since they have French passports, and their guilt is almost impossible to prove.

To be able to face this challenge, the government of France and other countries should immediately reconsider their views on security and migration. Otherwise, the number of such "sleeping" terrorist cells could at one point reach a level sufficient for seizing power in Western Europe.