Russia and Turkey launch talks on Syria


Today in Moscow, the first meeting of the joint Russian-Turkish commission on Syria is to be held. The procedure for regular meetings between representatives of the two countries’ military, diplomatic and intelligence agencies was established by the decision of Putin and Erdogan during their recent meeting in St Petersburg on August 9th.

Points of contact

Syria is one of the key issues that requires coordination on both sides. As we have mentioned before, the establishment of a lasting Turkish-Russian alliance and Turkey’s inclusion in Eurasian and multipolar projects is impossible without the resolution of accumulated contradictions. Turkey supports Syrian opposition groups and armed rebels while Russia cooperates with the government of Bashar al-Assad. However, despite this key disagreement, both countries are interested in the peace process and the territorial integrity of Syria. It is clear that both sides are ready for mutual concessions and ready to respect mutual strategic interests. Russia is seeking to maintain its military presence in Syria, just as Turkey is striving to maintain influence in the areas populated by Turkmens, especially in the North.


Yet another field where the two countries’ cooperation is crucial is the fight against the terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Nusra (now “Jabhat Fatah al-Sham”) which Ankara also considers to be a terrorist organization.

Without Atlanticists

Most important is the absence of the United States, European countries, and the Gulf states in the format created by Russia and Turkey. These two great powers are demonstrating that they are willing to resolve accumulated contradictions and respond to common challenges without the intervention of outside forces that have a destructive impact on the region.