Russia and Turkey to coordinate actions in Syria


An agreement on cooperation of the air forces between the two countries was signed yesterday in Moscow.

Avoiding dangerous precedents

A memorandum between the defense ministries of Russia and Turkey is a sign of the new level of bilateral cooperation.

The document defines the mechanisms of coordination and cooperation between Russian air-space force (the Russian air force) and the Turkish air force's strikes on terrorist targets and actions with the aim of incident prevention, while airplanes and unmanned aircraft are in the airspace of Syria.

Strengthening cooperation

In reality, this about more than just Syria. Consultations between the two delegations at the Ministry of Defense of Russia demonstrates an improved atmosphere of trust. Despite attempts by Atlanticists to ruin bilateral ties (the latest incident was the murder of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in December 2016), the leadership of the two countries are doing everything possible to neutralize the external threats and provocations. In Turkey, the Pro-American lobby and the FGTO continue to try to organize attacks. In Russia, the situation is more favorable, although some organizations and media deliberately distort the facts in order to impose on the public a negative opinion of Turkey and its leadership.